Saturday, May 29, 2021

Eloquent Sasse Intervention in Barrett Hearing

 Sen. Sasse: (02:36:27)

...The institutions of power are not where meaning is found. The institutions of power are about serving the people by trying to maintain a framework for ordered liberty. So that the places where the 330 million Americans actually live can be the center of life and meaning, and association and religion and speech and press. That the heart of our system is actually volunteerism, entrepreneurship, community, neighborliness, and love. And power is just in service of that...

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

"The Chinese Grip"

"Coronavirus" and Covid-19 are misnomers, being too general, and smacking of a misguided political correctness by the world's intellectual elite. This is a flu, manufactured by Wuhan, China in cooperation with Chapel Hill, USA, and I prefer the French word grippe to the Italian influenza.

grippe, grip, n. [Fr., lit., a seizure, from gripper, to take hold of, seize] influenza.

influenza, n. [It. influeza, influenza, lit., an influence, so called because formerly attributed by astrologers to the influence of the stars, from LL. influentia, an influence, lit., a flowing in, from L. influens (-entis), ppr. of influere, to flow in.] an acute, contagious, infectious disease, caused by any of several virutses and characterized by inflammation of the respiratory tract, fever, muscular pain, and, often, intestinal disorders: also called grippe, flu.

Webster's, New York, 1959.

Monday, May 10, 2021

"Well-Health Safety Seal" Scam

Below are two pieces exposing a new "health seal" of certification which is being sold to businesses in the US for thousands of dollars to self-proclaim that they are "safe."  The seal is being promoted by progressive Hollywood elite and includes criteria such as promotion of abortion/contraception and climate-change ideology. It is a huge scam which should be shunned and denounced by all!

Jason Rantz: Here's why you should be wary of star-studded, scammy Well-Health Safety Seal | Fox News

Sunday, May 2, 2021

Why I Refuse the Pocket Phone

There are many reasons, a few of them very grave but most of them trivial, that I willingly and gladly do not have the ubiquitous pocket-phone.

The most serious reason I, a parish priest, refuse to have the pocket-phone is to openly protest the manifest grave damage to myriads of individuals of all ages (especially women and children) due to an inordinate attachment to social media, the worst of all being self-murder, but also the destruction of countless marriages and families.

The logical consequence to the total selfishness promoted and glamorized by much of social media is Hell, total self destruction, suicide. But I prefer the more explicit term "self-murder" to the word "suicide" because the latter word has become a scandal by making that type of murder seem benign and acceptable, which it is not.

Homocide, to murder another, is far better than suicide, to murder oneself.

Suicide is by far the worst sin.

The greatest punishment in Hell is reserved for those who are guilty of self-murder. Social media is causing many thousands of self-murders. It is a terrible scandal, causing many people to commit this gravest of sins and make themselves go to Hell. Horror! And, make no mistake, lust, in all its forms, is also a large element in this culture of despair and self-destruction, also causing the ruin of holy marriage and the family.

Lord, mercy!

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