Saturday, September 28, 2019

None Dare Call it Homosexual --E. Michael Jones

E. Michael Jones exposes the denial of the homosexual cabal of the Catholic Church. He calls that cabal the Jesuits, a fifth column in the Church. Proof, the second most famous Jesuit in the world, the notorious homosexualist James Martin.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Cuba's $11 Billion Slave-Doctor Industry Exposed --Bolsonaro

Brazil’s Bolsonaro Accuses U.N. of Aiding ‘Slave Labor’ at General Assembly, New York

by Frances Martel
24 Sep 2019

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro made his debut on the world’s biggest stage for world leaders, the U.N. General Assembly, on Tuesday, warning against the “cruelty of socialism” and accusing the U.N. itself of engaging in slave labor.

Bolsonaro made the accusation in relation to Cuba’s slave doctor system, in which the communist regime forces doctors to work without pay abroad, taking almost the entirety of their salaries and investing them in the luxury lifestyles of the regime’s leaders. The doctors are expected to live off of a “stipend” that many say often fails to cover basic food needs. Cuba makes an estimated $11 billion off of the slave doctor trade in deals with African, Latin American, and Pacific Island states.

One of Bolsonaro’s first acts after taking office in January was to end the Brazilian Cuban slave doctor program, known as Mais Médicos (“More Doctors”). Bolsonaro demanded that Cuba give a reasonable salary to its doctors from the payments that Brasilia makes Havana, prompting the regime to end the program entirely.

In New York, Bolsonaro noted that U.N. bodies like the Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO) openly aid and benefit from the Cuban slave doctor trade.
“In 2013, an agreement between the former[ly ruling] Workers’ Party [PT] and the Cuban dictatorship brought to Brazil 10,000 doctors,” Bolsonaro explained. The agreement “prevented [the doctors] from bringing their spouses or children and 75 percent of their wages were confiscated by the Cuban regime.”

“They were further prevented from enjoying fundamental rights like, for example, coming and going [from Brazil,” Bolsonaro noted. “It is truly tantamount to slave labor.”

Bolsonaro made clear that this slave labor was “supported by human rights organizations in Brazil and United Nations organizations.”

The PAHO was a signatory to the deal between Brazil and Cuba that created Mais Médicos. Inviting PAHO to participate in the deal would allow the then-socialist government of Brazil not to have to put the plan to import thousands of Cuban slave doctors before Congress, where it would have failed. An agreement between only Brazil and Cuba would legally be a treaty and thus require legislative approval. An agreement with the aid of an international organization like PAHO made the terms of the agreement secret and out of reach of the voters or lawmakers.

PAHO took a payment from the Brazilian government to be involved in the deal.

The Brazilian president also made the case that his country had direct experience with the evils of Cuba’s communist regime, when mass murderer Ernesto “Che” Guevara attempted to foment revolution in South America.

“In the 1960s, Cuban agents were sent out to several countries to collaborate towards implementing dictatorships in the region. A few decades ago, they tried to change the Brazilian regime … they were defeated,” Bolsonaro said, making a vague reference to the right-wing Brazilian military regime that took over in response to communist agitation.

Bolsonaro ended his remarks warning the world that socialism and communism have “left a path of death, ignorance, and stark poverty wherever [they go].”

Monday, September 23, 2019

Men are Made Best Molded in Mary

Medieval Virgin Mary, Sto. Domingo de Silos

Mary is the Living Mold of God

"Mary is called by St. Augustine, and is indeed, the 'living mold of God.' In her alone the God-man was formed in his human nature without losing any feature of the Godhead. In her alone, by the grace of Jesus Christ, man is made godlike as far as human nature is capable of it.

"A sculptor can make a statue or a life-like model in two ways: 1) By using his skill, strength, experience and good tools to produce a statue out of hard, shapeless matter; 2) By making a cast of it in a mold. The first way is long and involved and open to all sorts of accidents. It only needs a faulty stroke of the chisel or hammer to ruin the whole work. The second is quick, easy, straightforward, almost effortless and inexpensive, but the mold must be perfect and true to life and the material must be easy to handle and offer no resistance.

"Mary is the great mold of God, fashioned by the Holy Spirit to give human nature to a Man who is God by the hypostatic union, and to fashion through grace men who are like to God. No godly feature is missing from this mold. Everyone who casts himself into it and allows himself to be molded will acquire every feature of Jesus Christ, true God, with little pain or effort, as befits his weak human condition. He will take on a faithful likeness to Jesus with no possibility of distortion, for the devil has never had and never will have any access to Mary, the holy and immaculate Virgin, in whom there is not the least suspicion of a stain of sin.

"Dear soul, what a difference there is between a soul brought up in the ordinary way to resemble Jesus Christ by people who, like sculptors, rely one their own skill and industry, and a soul thoroughly tractable, entirely detached, most ready to be molded in her by the working of the Holy Spirit. What blemishes and defects, what shadows and distortions, what natural and human imperfections are found in the first soul, what faithful and divine likeness to Jesus is found in the second!"

"The Secret of Mary: Concerning the Slavery of the Blessed Virgin," in Saint Louis Marie de Montfort, God Alone, Bay Shore, New York: Montfort Publications, 267-268.

N.B. The preparation for the total consecration to Mary.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Chemical Abortions

"This was horrific. This was me, alone, afraid, and feeling like I'm gonna give death."

People are claiming that the abortion rate in the US is the lowest it has been in 40 years, while chemical abortions are consistently on the rise. Moreover, what is ignored in the discussion is the abortifacient nature of most chemical contraception: e.g. "the morning after pill." Only God knows how many abortions are induced by the poison of contraception. One must suspect that the abortion rate is not actually lower, it has simply been re-allocated. The abortions are increasingly caused by contraception, and nobody is counting them.

Chemical contraception is poison, it kills countless untold babies, in addition to harming (and sometimes killing) the women who use it.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Communist Infiltration of the Catholic Church

Michael Voris is absolutely right on this one. The Church today, especially in the West, is largely homo-communist. That was somewhat corrected by JPII and Benedict XVI. It is a well known fact that both of those men at some point during their careers had communist spies tracking their activities.

I have heard that narrative before and have the Dodd book, Bella V. Dodd, School of Darkness, New York: Angelico Press, 2017.

I read a small book years ago, I think by TAN, on the issue of communist plants in the Church.

One very effective way to ensure against that is by requiring and enforcing the celibacy and doctrinal integrity of all of our candidates to the priesthood and to any position of authority in the Church, as required by Canon Law, Canon 521!

Cf. 1 Timothy 3:1-13 (The Epistle for the Mass today, Tuesday of the 24th Week of Ordinary Time, Week I).

The Appointment and Tolerance of Bad Pastors is Contrary to the Law of the Church

Sunday, September 15, 2019

The World is Either Meaningful or Meaningless --Ratzinger and Einstein

"...[B]elief in God does not claim to offer a fictitious and abstract union of different modes of action; it claims to be more than a subjective conviction inexplicably juxtaposed to a godless objectivity. It claims to reveal the essence, the root, of the objective, to bring into sharper focus the demands of objective reality. It does so by leading to that source which unites object and subject and offers the only true explanation of their relationship. Einstein pointed out that the relationship of subject and object is, ultimately, the greatest of all puzzles, or, more exactly, that our thinking, our mathematical worlds conceived solely in our consciousness, correspond to reality, that our consciousness has the same structure as reality and vice versa.85 That is the principle ground on which all science rests. It acts as though this were a matter of course, whereas, in fact, nothing is less so. For it means that all being has the same nature as consciousness; that there is present in human thought, in human subjectivity, that which objectively moves the world. The world itself has the same nature as consciousness. The subjective is not something alien to objective reality; rather, this reality is itself like a subject. The subjective is objective, and vice versa. This affects even the language of natural science, which here, under the pressure of objects, often reveals more than its users are aware...[e.g. In neo-Darwinism {N}]ature...has appropriated the very place ascribed in the Old Testament to wisdom."

85 Quoted here from Josef Pieper, "Kreatürlichkeit bemerkungen über lie Elemente eines Grundbegriffs", in Ludger Oeing-Hanhoff, Thomas von Aquin 1274-1974 (Munich: Kösel, 1974). 47=70. Quotation is on 50.

Joseph Ratzinger, Principles of Catholic Theology, San Francisco: Ignatius, 1989, 71.
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