Saturday, November 28, 2020

Plinthos Response to Ubiquitous "Black Lives Matter" Sign



The Unborn Matter
Condoms are Dirty
The Pill is Poison
Abortion is Murder
Technology is not God
Science is Limited
Kindness Needs Truth
God is Real
Jesus is God
God Made Man Male and Female
The Church is Holy
The Purpose of Man is to Be a Saint
Chastity is Necessary

Monday, November 9, 2020

Lectio continua

In his book, The Sense of the Priestly Life, in the chapter "The Ministry of the Word, Louis Bouyer makes two practical recommendations for the continuing formation of the priest in his service of the Word. Lectio continua is the ancient expression he uses to name it.

1. Read the whole of the holy books each year if possible; this habitual reading alone can give the priest the necessary familiarity which will obviate many common and useless questions.

2. Occasionally read any one book completely in one sitting, as quickly as possible, as one reads an ordinary book, as the basis for a profound follow-up page-by-page study with the help of a commentary and taking notes.

Le sens de la vie sacerdotale, Louis Bouyer, Tournai: Desclee, 1960, p. 62.

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