Friday, June 27, 2014

Pope Francis' Type of Pastor

Describing himself as "thrilled" at the news, a Lansing op sends this portrait of the bishop-elect Raica....
This may sound a bit cliché, but he is truly one of the most kind, gentle, intelligent and faithful people I know.... He is very deliberate and thoughtful, has a great sense of humor and yet is very attentive. He is big on using technology and communications for evangelization....

If this is the sort of bishop Pope Francis is naming, I'm thrilled. He is solid but not an ideologue. He has chancery, Rome and parish experience. Though he loves pasta, travel and culture, he lives very simply. He's an excellent cook. His desk is very messy! He is bright, faithful and yet has no ax to grind. 

I have never witnessed him to have an appetite for the sort of rhetoric we see from others in the U.S. hierarchy on the hot button issues. Like Pope Francis, I don't see +Raica watering anything down but I think his emphasis will be in line with this pope - on the positive aspects of our faith. I hope this is a sign of more good appointments to come. I think +Raica really reflects what we are hearing that Pope Francis wants – shepherds who are gentle, approachable, smell like the sheep and are open to bringing everyone closer to the Lord.
Plinthos' remark: That has been the bishop making trend for a couple of decades. The Church names men who are political to be bishops, because bishops must work in the world. Nevertheless, if a man is good with the world and also faithful to the Catholic religion, that one is often preferred to the mere bureaucrat. Deo gratias. But, if you are just a faithful ax grinder, you're altogether out of luck (at least in this life)!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Feminism's Skeletons Denied (or at least spoofed!)

The above was posted today by our friends at The Eponymous Flower. These are counter demonstrators at the March for Family held in Vienna, Austria 14 June 2014. Eponymous Flower's Editorial note: "there's not the slightest trace of irony".
Yes, I agree that the general consequences of what is commonly passed on today as feminism does lead women down blind alleys. It is a shame, because many willingly and blindly follow! That is why this picture is so precious and so tragic, because these girls think it is all a big political game, a triviality or at least an exaggerated caricature! The joke is on them.

The distortion and evil within the feminist movement is real! And this is very serious; these young ladies in Austria represent entire generations of identity confusion, and confusion regarding one's true enemies, and total denial regarding the countless victims of false ideologies which riddle today's feminist movement! (e.g. countless are continually swallowed by the Maloch of "Choice") The Feminist Movement is greatly influenced by very popular and seductive ideologies which are destroying our women and girls and the unborn--and yes, our families!

On the other hand, we must not allow true feminism to be hijacked and defined by the enemies of femininity.
Catholicism is the greatest defense for women, which must include the defense of the dignity of virginity and motherhood--the true rights of women as human persons: equal in dignity to men--"male and female He (God the Creator) made them".

No less than a woman, the Virgin, Queen and Mother, the Mother of God, is the model of true womanhood! Maria!

I pity these young ladies. I beg God's mercy and light for them and all whom they represent, from the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus (on this Vigil of that solemn feast).  Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on them. Immaculate Heart of Mary (this Saturday's feast), intercede for them. Their Guardian Angels, enlighten, guard, rule and govern them in the way of holiness and truth! Amen.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Google Doodle Getting Religion?

Today's Google World Cup 2014 logo design ("doodle") includes a church with a cross! I find that remarkable because it is the first time that I have ever seen Google allude to Christianity on it's search engine portal.

Never an image of Christ for Christmas nor a Happy Easter greeting, as far as I remember, although Google does celebrate many of the secular civic feasts. There seems to be a bit dishonesty in that.

Hopefully this is the beginning of a new trend with Google Doodle, celebrating the Christian (even if Catholic) heritage and celebrations.

Monday, June 23, 2014

World Cup Sign Confusion

Watching the World Cup 2014 Soccer Matches over the past couple of weeks I have noticed that a disproportionate number of the players and coaches who make the sign of the cross are doing it the opposite of the Latin Rite way. Many of them are signing themselves the way it is done in the Eastern Rite Rituals, even though they are surely not Eastern Rite Christians: e.g. I noticed it again today with Mexico's win against Croatia. Even the coach crossed himself the wrong way: right shoulder first!

Someone needs to teach our Latin Rite professional athletes how to bless themselves! Don't they have priest chaplains! Don't they have team Masses and other formal prayers? If not, they should, for that would be a grand omission! I must say that I find it a bit embarrassing every time it happens, unless it is of course a team of a country with a predominantly Eastern Rite population (of which there are very few in the world and even fewer who make it to the world cup: e.g. Greece, Russia). But all of the Latin American Countries are vastly Latin Rite Catholics! They should know the Latin way!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Birthday of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary: Covadonga Asturias, Spain 8 September 2010

Here are a couple of videos that I made while in Asturias a few years ago. Mary's birthday (The Feast of Our Lady of Covadonga) is also the national feast of the principality of Austurias and is celebrated big at the same Shrine of Our Lady. These bagpipe bands are typical of the entire northern coastal regions of Spain: they are called "Bandas de Gaitas."

The plaza statue seen in the second video is of Pelayo, the national hero who in 722 led the first victory (the Battle of Covadonga) in the Iberian reconquest against foreign occupation of the Moors.

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