Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Pope Emeritus Responds to the Antipope Myth (Invented by Journalists)

I cannot believe that Pope Benedict XVI even acknowledged this journalistic speculative fabrication. As far as I can tell there is no significant group of Catholics who are seriously claiming that Pope Benedict is still the reigning Pontiff! This whole non story is from first to last the invention of Andrea Tornielli of La Stampa, "Vatican Insider" section. He is the one who wrote the letter to the Pope Emeritus regarding the "question" that nobody is asking (no one with a significant hearing anyway, except hyperbolic journalists like himself). Referring to the source of the question he simply says that "someone said!"

Too bad the Pope Emeritus responded, thereby giving the first bit of substance to a completely unsubstantiated journalistic claim of Tornielli himself who persists with this nonsense. Please!

I think La Stampa, in light of this, should consider getting rid of it's "Vatican Insider" to minimize this kind of anti-traditional (or, anti-who knows what) slant! It is smearing and a senseless smokescreen nonetheless, detracting attention away from the evangelical importance of both of these huge pontificates and focusing on what does not even exist (gossip often does that).

Pope Benedict should tell Tornielli himself: "basta!" with the senseless speculation and hyperbole! Agan, no story!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Wailing Wall is a Testimony to Condemnation

God punishes the evils of His people by destroying their temple and their earthly and temporal kingdom to establish the heavenly kingdom in the new and everlasting covenant in the Davidic dynasty established by Christ, according to His promise. (cf. Jer. 26 [esp. 4-6]).

History (that of the Jewish nation and that of the Christian dispensation) gives living testimony to the primacy and the reality of the one true God! as a reminder and a lesson for all men of good will (Jew and Gentile alike): to hear and to see the Truth of God and to turn, in freedom, to God in Christ, the King of the Jews!

This is the perfection of man. To wail for our sins and to recognize and acknowledge God in our lives. He alone is God and we are all learners! Popes, priests, laity, servants of the one Lord and God of all. Therefore we have a mission of conversion and improvement, all of us, because we are in via. There is much to do in our love and service of our one Lord.

"Be ye perfect as God, your Father in heaven is perfect!" Matthew 5 (cf. Gospel Seventh Sunday of Ordinary Time, A)

N.B. This is also a point to ponder for all Catholics who are obsessed with "Christendom" and the loss thereof (e.g. no more temporal realm for the Papacy) as vividly emphasized by the sweetness Franciscan Papacy. Jesus says: "learn from me for I am meek and humble of heart." (cf. Sexagesima Gospel and Breviary commentary) He does not say, learn from me for I am a mighty ruler with power and might, but meek and humble!!! I don't deny the value of the material realm, nor does Christ, but He gives His Temple for our abuse, in order to save our souls in His divine, incarnate life. The greatest power is mercy!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Live Video of Benedict XVI Participating in the First Consistory of Pope Francis (Feast of the Chair of Peter: Saturday, Feburary 22, 2014)

So fitting! So proper! So correct!

New horizons! Ever ancient, ever new! In the one true Faith!

It has been my contention that Pope Emeritus Benedict must attend (if able) the upcoming canonization of his predecessors! With this public act, the precedent has been set a couple of months in advance! Deo gratias!

Naturally, Pope Francis would invite and insist. And the Emeritus Pope must, of course, be more than eager to oblige in the legitimate wishes of the reigning Pontiff.

The Church is in a particular moment of glory with all of this, it's called the inscrutable design of God, which is the constant guide of His Church.

The message is clear and it is for everyone without exception: be radically honest before God and in complete loyalty to His Church, for your own salvation, for the good of Holy Mother Church, for the salvation of souls!

Spare nothing, even the greatest positions in the world. Serve God, wherever He leads you, but serve, adore and follow Him through it all. Without counting the cost, even to laying down your life for Him, as Christ has done, and so many saints have done and are doing. You too!!! Follow this way of the saints, the only real way for man, every man. Even popes.

In this, every man is pope: each one must use his head, loyal to the Church and to Christ, for the glory of God. No need for fear. What is needed is the magnanimity of the saints, which changes you and thereby the world!

What did Saint Benedict do when he left the worldly city and formed the monastery, if not that: follow God?
What did Saint Francis do when he left he worldly life and family and all material concerns to beg, pray and preach on the streets, if not that: follow where God led him!

And you?...and me...  We must be like these men as God wants us!!!!! for the good of all.

Customs have their place, even (and perhaps especially) in the Church. But if they get in the way of God's express will for you (of course never breaking the divine law: God could never call you to that!), away with them! God first, second and last! Always and in everything He is your personal and saving Lord, and there is no other, not even for Popes!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Numerous Bishops and Cardinals Still Celebrate According to the Usus Antiquior

During the first year of the Pontificate of Pope Francis at least 83 Cardinals and Bishops have themselves already celebrated liturgies in the "Extraordinary Form" of the Roman Rite, according to the post two days ago. The reform of the reform is in full force! Here is that unedited list in Spanish. I'm happy to say that I know a number of them to be newcomers to the ancient use. Summorum Pontificum at work! Long live Pope Emeritus Benedict; herein is a beautiful and worthy heritage, saved, defended and promoted by the power of God in His Popes.

Enthusiasm levels will vary, of course. And some bishops (not listed) who were friendly are now less so since the abdication of Pope Benedict. Too bad. Though the procession moves on!

En el actual Pontificado

Como no hay ruptura en la Iglesia, los siguientes lo han hecho en el pontificado de Su Santidad el Papa Francisco:

- Cardenal Barbarin, de Francia.
- Cardenal Bartolucci, de Italia (+ 2013).
- Cardenal Brandmüller, de Alemania.
- Cardenal Burke, de Estados Unidos.
- Cardenal Castrillón Hoyos, de Colombia.
- Cardenal DiNardo, de Estados Unidos.
- Cardenal Sandoval, de México.
- Cardenal Zen, de Hong-Kong.
- Arzobispo titular de Bagnoregio y Secretario de Ecclesia Dei (Monseñor Pozzo).
- Arzobispo de Brisbane (Monseñor Coleridge).
- Arzobispo de Ferrara (Monseñor Negri).
- Arzobispo titular de Gradisca y Nuncio emérito (Monseñor Bacqué).
- Arzobispo de Denver (Monseñor Aquila).
- Arzobispo de Lipa (Monseñor Argüelles).
- Arzobispo de Louisville (Monseñor Kurtz).
- Arzobispo de Malinas-Bruselas (Monseñor Leonard).
- Arzobispo de Montpellier (Monseñor Carré).
- Arzobispo de Morelia (Monseñor Suárez Inda).
- Arzobispo de Nottingham (Monseñor Mc-Mahon).
- Arzobispo de Omaha (Monseñor Lucas).
- Arzobispo de Ottawa (Monseñor Prendergast).
- Arzobispo de Poitiers (Monseñor Wintzer).
- Arzobispo de Portland (Monseñor Sample).
- Arzobispo de San Francisco (Monseñor Cordileone).
- Arzobispo de Singapur (Monseñor Goh Seng Chye).
- Arzobispo de Tours (Monseñor Aubertin).
- Arzobispo de Trieste (Monseñor Crepaldi).
- Arzobispo de Vaduz (Monseñor Haas).
- Arzobispo de Vancouver (Monseñor Miller).
- Nuncio de Su Santidad en Irlanda (Monseñor Brown).
- Obispo de Aire y Dax (Monseñor Gaschignard).
- Obispo de Agen (Monseñor Herbreteau).
- Obispo de Ajaccio (Monseñor De Germay).
- Obispo de Augsburgo (Monseñor Zdarsa).
- Obispo de Beauvois, Noyon y Senlis (Monseñor Benoît-Gonnin).
- Obispo de Bridgeport (Monseñor Caggiano).
- Obispo de Brisbane (Monseñor Coleridge).
- Obispo de Charlotte (Monseñor Jugis).
- Obispo de Chartres (Monseñor Pansard).
- Obispo de Chur (Monseñor Huonder).
- Obispo de Ciudad del Este (Monseñor Livieres).
- Obispo de Covington (Monseñor Foys).
- Obispo de Frejus-Toulon (Monseñor Rey).
- Obispo de Kansas-City (Monseñor Finn).
- Obispo de Lieja (Monseñor Delville).
- Obispo de Limoges (Monseñor Kalist).
- Obispo de Lincoln (Monseñor Conley).
- Obispo de Lismore (Monseñor Jarrett).
- Obispo de Luçon (Monseñor Castet).
- Obispo de Manchester, NH (Monseñor Libasci).
- Obispo de Montauban (Monseñor Ginoux).
- Obispo de Mouila (Monseñor Madega).
- Obispo de Patterson (Monseñor Serratelli).
- Obispo de Pensacola-Tallahassee (Monseñor Parkes).
- Obispo de Portsmouth (Monseñor Egan).
- Obispo de Saint Etienne (Monseñor Lebrun).
- Obispo-Admón. San Juan María Vianney (Monseñor Áreas Rifán).
- Obispo de San Miniato (Monseñor Tardelli).
- Obispo de Shrewsbury (Monseñor Davies).
- Obispo de Siauliai (Monseñor Bartulis).
- Obispo de Springfield (Monseñor Paprocki).
- Obispo de Tulsa (Monseñor Slattery).
- Obispo de Versalles (Monseñor Aumonier).
- Obispo Auxiliar de Astana (Monseñor Schneider).
- Obispo Auxiliar de Chicago (Monseñor Perry).
- Obispo Auxiliar de Detroit (Monseñor Reiss).
- Obispo Auxiliar de Detroit (Monseñor Hanchon).
- Obispo Auxiliar de Guadalajara (Monseñor Gutiérrez Valencia).
- Obispo Auxiliar de Guadalajara (Monseñor González González).
- Obispo Auxiliar de La Serena (Monseñor Gleisner Wobbe).
- Obispo Auxiliar de Madrid (Monseñor Martínez Camino).
- Obispo Auxiliar de Melbourne (Monseñor Elliot).
- Obispo Auxiliar de París (Monseñor Beau).
- Obispo Auxiliar de Portoviejo (Monseñor Castillo Pino).
- Obispo Auxiliar de Río de Janeiro (Monseñor Costa Souza).
- Obispo Auxiliar de Vác (Monseñor Lajos).
- Obispo Emérito Castrense de Argentina (Monseñor Baseotto).
- Obispo Emérito de Christchurch (Monseñor Meeking).
- Obispo Emérito de Colonia (Monseñor Dick).
- Obispo Emérito de Fiesole (Monseñor Giovannetti).
- Obispo Emérito de Funchal (Monseñor de Faria).
- Obispo Emérito de Lincoln (Monseñor Bruskewitz).
- Obispo Auxiliar de Sâo Sebastiâo do Rio de Janeiro (Monseñor César Costa).
- Obispo Emérito de Scranton (Monseñor Timlin).

Did you know that the first Pope to abdicate was Pope Pontian I on 28 September 235 (when the emperor Maximinus the Tracian exiled him to Sardinia)? Interesting.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Root of the Gender Identity Confusion: False Freedom

Here is my short response to the philosophical presuppositions of the evermore prevalent gender theory confusion. The problem is the absolutizing of the human will. The basis of this vision is that liberty is neutral (without any referent outside of the self) and is the foundation of everything.

My course work involves examining the origins of the skewed idea of liberty, with no grounding in truth (at the bottom of the gender theory ideology): viz. that pure freedom is the foundation of everything. The philosophers of modernity who are the historical origin of this contemporary idea (e.g. Kant, Fichte, etc.) claim that the self creates itself, free from any other influence outside of it (and Fichte defines God in this way: => we are all God, i.e. radically free, creating self as God does). Freedom, in this system, becomes the foundation of all.

There is an double error in this: we are not God, and, the one true God does not create Himself

God does not create Himself
According to Aristotle, God is the causa, increata! The uncreated first cause (unique absolute foundation of all, Who Himself [unique among all things that exist] requires no foundation [in God alone Existence is His Essence). Everything else that exists is caused by Him ontologically (in their very act of existing, and not just chronologically).

We are not God
Personal liberty is directed toward the good, it has an ultimate aim (it is not just for it's own sake, and it certainly does not create itself: it is firmly based in the nature of the human person and the nature of things and upon the Creator of all things). Freedom is grounded upon the good and it is always directed toward the good. Therefore, (and here is the catch) true human liberty is an absolute foundation of human existence and consciousness but always linked to the good (which is presented to us by right reason): and, ultimately, the ultimate good: seeing God face to face (in the face of Christ): beatitude (the beatific vision in heaven).

That is why "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God..." John 1:1 ff.
It does not say that in the beginning was the will or the freedom but the Word (the living, known, and articulated, and interpersonal, Truth).

And again: "if you remain in my Word, you will know the truth and the truth will set you free!" John 8:31-42. 
Again, the foundation is the communion with the Truth, the Word. Freedom is always in intimate communion with Truth (in God freedom and truth are one reality: and in us too, they go together necessarily (we have one insofar as we have the other, but we are imperfect in our possession of them both): we are only free if we are in the truth, and insofar as we are in the truth, we are free).

The problem is the thought behind gender theory. Liberty is good, but it is determined by the good. Even our assessment of it as good is a proof of it's grounding being elsewhere, there is a higher law than just human willfulness: reality, nature, the truth, the good, God! Otherwise we could not even  say that liberty is "good." If liberty (without any reference to truth and goodness) were the ultimate foundation, then evil is good and good is evil, etc. it all depends on you! That explains Marx, Stalin, Hitler, Hugh Hefner, homosexualism, etc. If freedom has no content, than anything goes.

However, the Word, is the Creator and constant ground of all existing things! And you can know Him and love Him and live your life with Him and for Him. His name is Jesus Christ: one in Being with the Father! In fact, you will be you only insofar as you are in Him, all the while realizing your own unique individual existence: really and truly free!

Qua libertate Christus Christus nos liberavit. Gal. 5:1
Conocereis de Verdad

Monday, February 17, 2014

Spousal Dignity: Reason for Masculine Priesthood

You will notice that in any mixed culture prejudice continues to exist until the men who are racially of the governing class marry (monogamously) the women who are racially of the subservient class. Then, and only then, is it clear that the socially lower race is treated with equal dignity => one family => union in every sense!

In light of this it is logical that God's priesthood is male: because of this social phenomenon of the men of the society determining it's fundamental public structure and establishing who are the players in the governing thereof by whom they choose to give the dignity of marriage into their class. Through the male priesthood God ensures that Mother Church should have the recognition of the establishment people of every society guaranteeing thereby the acknowledgment of Her by men of every society in the Holy Orders of the Catholic Church. Manifestation of the Church's spousal dignity is thereby ensured for all time and for the whole world to see.

Furthermore, the celibate priesthood emphasizes the point and adds to it because it emphasizes that the priest's chosen Spouse (the Church) is the Woman blessed among all women; and the priest's total, undivided dedication to Her thereby implicitly blesses all women. Priestly celibacy is herein, ironically, the elevation of all women, emphasizing their personal worth, higher and deeper than all carnal reality.

This insight came to me while walking the streets of Rome and reflecting on how enthralled people are with the priest donning the saturno (priest hat) and greca (the dress coat which covers the cassock). It's a main attraction here on any street, any time. An instant celebrity. Somewhat tiresome at times, but I think it says something about people's legitimate sensibilities. Nuns and religious in habits don't generally turn as many heads. Certainly it has to do with the oddity. Priests don't wear the saturno anymore. At least it says that people like to see it. One of the advantages of wearing the saturno is that it amplifies the clerical public witness and availability (you can spot it a mile away!). It also shifts the attention off the cassock (playing one off the other tends to cancel out the oddity of both: Roman artistic genius).

Some older priests have told me that before Vatican II the local Roman law required the saturno for priests on the street. Now its almost non-existent. Almost. It is still around, not forced this time, but freely: now, in the spirit of Pope Francis, because the people like it! I proudly wear the saturno to speak of the supernal dignity of my Spouse, holy Mother Church. Because of Her grandeur and worthiness I want to dress and carry myself most eloquently, for my Spouse is none other than the Mother of all Saints: Sancta Mater Ecclesia! I want to show Her off for the world to wonder and glory and fall in love with Her who is to be the Mother of all! Just the other day there were two young ladies, one snapping some shots; so I invited them to pray a "Hail Mary" looking at a lovely image of Our Lady on the North side of Piazza Navona, one of them was Jewish. It all started with the saturno, crowning the male, celibate priesthood!

Gender ideology clearly contradicted here on many levels!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Papal City

Excuse my penchant for pointing out the obvious, but this is a point that is ever increasingly badgering me. Rome is the city of the popes! The testimony of Rome, the eternal city, is to those who produced her: the popes! Why is it that we remember the Michelangelo's, Rafael's, Bernini's, Caravaggio's, Titian's and Fra Angelico's and do not acknowledge with at least a fraction of the awe and gratitude those who commissioned them. It seems to me a great oversight, and, particularly in Rome, woeful ignorance.

Why everywhere you look at a splendid monument, ancient or new, you will see the blatant reference to the great men who paid for it! People love to speak of the evils of our Church leaders, and those same people come to this splendid Rome, entirely built and rebuilt and restored by the popes, and ironically curse the Lord in whose memory it has been embellished and kept, precisely by his Vicars on earth.

Just take a casual look at Saint Peter's. Start with the obelisk. The cross is on top right? Yes. But directly under the cross is the sign of the pope who did the work (a large star on top of three hills--which you see all over Rome inside and outside of numerous monuments--it is atop each wing of the Bernini colonnade within the papal coat of arms of Alexander VII who commissioned it) and at its base, in case you missed the upper signs, is the name of Pope Sixtus V. Across the full length of the facade of Saint Peter's (the first Pope) is the inscription of Pope Paul V who built it! We could go on and on and on, as most of the tour books do. But the point of all of this is much bigger than princes of the Church.

What other city in the world has it's streets lined with the greatest works of art and with palaces, seemingly ad infinitum, each with a Church attached (free to enter!) each again filled with the greatest worldly artistic treasures laden with precious stones, metals, and first class marble work, and Saints! All in the name of Christ, and expressly paid for by the official chief representative of Christ on earth . Will those who are so fond of remembering all the political faults of Church leaders throughout history (which criticisms are at least as applicable to any royal house in history, beginning with the royal house of David) remember this one thing.

There is no other city in the world which can boast the boast of the ubiquitous boast of the eternally crowned city of Rome, built and adorned by the popes of every age, expressly, for the glory of God and the benefit and salvation of men. Deo gratias! The gates of hell shall not prevail against the Church of God, as it is built upon the firm Rock--Petrus. That is the lesson of Rome. It is the living testimony of the munificence of the Vicars of Christ. A most worthy testimony to the glory and the goodness of Christ Himself, even from the midst of the sad history of our tragic humanity of which our Church is also indeed a part. The world kills Christ and He blesses us through His unworthy ministers, the priests of the Catholic religion, principally the maximum pontiffs, the pope.

My Perspective on Rome

The Eternal City as seen from the roof of The Pontifical University of the Holy Cross, my school. A sweet consolation amid the rigor of philosophy research.

The dome to the left of Saint Peter's is the dome of the circular Borromini Church of Saint Agnes in Agony, the center of the Palace which serves as the northern backdrop to the Bernini fountain of Piazza Navonna (which piazza begins right across the street from the university).

Just to the left of the Saint Agnes dome you see a monument in the trees: that is the Garibaldi monument up on top of the Gianiculum Hill. My house (at Piazza Farnese) is equidistant between the two piazze (Navonna and Garibaldi), veering just a little south of the straight line (a twenty minute walk to the Vatican). I live in what is called the Centro Roma (Rome Center) neighborhood, the oldest part of the city.

Friday, February 14, 2014

DNA Evidence

After research with it is certain that my family is definitely in no way related to his!

I'm sure yours isn't either.

He is precious, though.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Why Traditional Catholics are Stigmatized as Anti-Semitic

Traditional Catholics are easily stigmatized as anti-Semitic because they think outside the box and are bold to ask logical historical questions and are critical of the uncritical acceptance of the popular narratives, even if (or rather, especially if) their questions prove to be politically incorrect. However, if a person should ask what you consider to be crazy questions, why not just show him the facts and thereby prove him wrong. Case closed! There is no reason for name calling.

Labeling people is childish, and actually, very controlling! It is a form of bullying and a serious sin (at least detraction, and often calumny); and it is, furthermore, inconsistent to deem it OK to call Christians anti-Semites while it should be unacceptable to call Jews anti-Christ or anti-Christians.

One of the easiest and most absolute ways to discredit and silence a person today is to label him and/or his organization anti-Semitic, because the implication is virulent. It is equivalent to calling someone a Christ hater: viz. highly offensive, detracting and calumnious. It is hyperbolic language from which we should all refrain in all decency.

Traditional Catholic are easily stigmatized because they do not typically let their minds be controlled by the media, the State, or the intellectual or cultural fashions, though they are susceptible, as is any group, to group prejudices. Though peace loving in every respect, (because they base their lives on the ten commandments) they are more similar to anarchists than to the mainstream, in this sense: that they believe radically in freedom of thought! Yes, Catholicism believes radically in freedom of thought! Christ is the Truth and the truth will set you free. He has said "if you abide in my Word, you will know the Truth and the Truth will set you free." And Saint Paul says "for freedom we were set free."

N.b. The Ball and the Cross by G.K. Chesterton: a colorful account of the affinity between the passionate Papist and the blaspheming journalist who deem religion a matter worth fighting and dying over, as opposed to the blasé establishment which will not let them duel and commits them to psych wards, etc. because religion is not a matter worth fighting about.

Why is it that Descartes can begin from scratch and doubt absolutely everything, and the rest of us have to uncritically accept what we are told, without examining the facts and the numbers? as if we were children without brains. I thought that was one of the sins of the Church, to not let people think for themselves (so we are told).

I will never understand why (nor accept the fact) that certain questions should be forbidden in this day and age, where permissiveness seems to prevail with every manner of perversion and anti-God propaganda. And please, don't call me names!

Roman Trash Corruption

After half a year in a place you start to notice some defects.

Rome has way too many garbage men (and women). You see them all day, every day, in the same place, doing the same thing! and the city is not any the cleaner for it!

I know of no other city in the world that has so many civil servants dedicated to taking out the trash and so ostentatiously. It appears that they want to let you know that they are here! and doing very little!

Furthermore, they consolidate their trash, at least in my neighborhood, every day, in the largest piazza of the neighborhood, of all places! (The above picture in the Imperial Piazza Farnese where they stay for at least an hour or two each day).

Two suggestions.

--Two-thirds of them should be fired immediately.

--The remaining workers should focus on being more efficient (they should be seen maximum once a day for no longer than fifteen minutes (and usually only passing by) in any location, and never parked in a piazza! Please! A little discretion with your smelly, noisy trash! Take it out but don't show it off!

That alone would probably solve the Italian (and European) economic crisis!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Bertone: I Knew of the Resignation since the Summer of 2012

Marinella Bandini of had an exclusive interview yesterday with Cardinal Bertone in the Apostolic Palace in which the former Vatican Secretary of State revealed his foreknowledge of Pope Benedict XVI's upcoming 11 February 2013 Papal resignation and the reasons why (e.g. not feeling fit to go to the up-coming World Youth Day in Brazil 2013) and that the Cardinal encouraged Pope Benedict to continue on at least to complete the third book of the Jesus of Nazareth trilogy (Infancy Narratives), which has always deemed a rushed job.

Zenit .org  11 Feb. 2013 In a separate 7 February television interview with Tg24com, the Cardinal said that when he last saw the Pope Emeritus (they dined together on Dec. 26) “He was in perfect form, physically and intellectually, always very vivacious, very lucid and always gifted with a formidable memory.”

In regard to his future, Cardinal Bertone said that he is thinking of publishing a book on faith and sport, and also his Memoirs. “I have a very rich archive, so that I can see again, go over again those years with an objective documentation of the events that took place, and give a re-reading which might be useful to put again in their place some interpretations that perhaps, have gone outside the lines.”

Looks like the world can look forward to some posthumous house keeping publication by the Emeritus Pontiff. What a great gift for the Church, the world and for the Emeritus Holy Father to have this post Papal period to sum everything up. Of course, we can expect that his work will be primarily concerned with the primacy of God (true to character) and not Church or world petty politics!

"Ratzingerian" Myth

Today, the day after the anniversary of Pope Emeritus Benedict's renunciation of the Papal Office, Vatican expert Andrea Tornielli publishes an article reporting that there are a group of conservative Catholics who claim that Benedict is still Pope and that do not accept Pope Francis as Pope. As far as I can tell this "Ratzingerian" movement is entirely a journalist fiction. I move very broadly in traditionalist Catholic circles and have not yet met one person who holds that position.

Sorry Mr. Tornielli, but your story today is just that, a story. And thank God! But, please, if you make such a large scandalous claim you should at least back it up with some citation or blog link, rather than your facile hearsay.

There are myriads of Ratzinger supporters and some of them are not happy with Pope Francis' courtly manner, etc. And they may even express their papal preferences. But I know of no Ratzinger blogs that actually claim that Ratzinger is the real pope. (Cf. my post from the day of the announcement February 11 2013, which continues to be my attitude.) Please!

Ecce...prophetas somniantes mandacium (There are prophets [e.g. journalists] who dream up lies, says the Lord). Jeremiah 23:32

As a matter of fact, those who fully accept the authority of the Roman Pontificate and have been most critical of Pope Francis were also quite critical of Pope Benedict, mainly for the same dubious Vatican II doctrinal issues; and their lack of enthusiastic allegiance to either Pontiff, or to their recent predecessors continues to be very consistent. In their defense I would say that, though I think it at least largely in bad taste to be hypercritical of one's family (he is our greatest father on earth), there is no law obliging one to be euphoric about the reigning Pope. I, for one, am quite content that Pope Francis is God's perfect man for this time.

Why? Well, imagine how the Church would look today, in the eyes of a despising world, if their hated Pope Benedict continued on today, a year older under continual attack. God has given us a man that has not only fended off the attackers, but has gathered a veritable world army of every persuasion in support of the Pontificate. That alone is nothing short of a miraculous change from a year ago! The Sunday Angelus' alone draw more people (largely Italians!) than the Wednesday Audiences ever did! And the Wednesday audiences are off the charts, often upwards of 100,000 people!  Whoever denies the remarkable nature of this has his head in the sand. It is clearly the work of God.

Furthermore, the Pope is clearly not preaching heresy! His language may be ambiguous at times, poetic, hyperbolic, rhetorical,...but not heretical! He's preaching conversion, especially for those in house, and that hurts, as it should, and we should listen, and change, and become evangelical missionaries to the world, as God is telling us to do, through his sweet Vicar on earth. And the world finds him to be oh so sweet, is fitting! So he has the gift of attraction! Why should it be wrong that the Gospel should be attractive? King Herod himself liked to hear Saint John the Baptist. Crowds followed Jesus himself to listen to him and to eat their fill of the food he provided! And so it is today. Thanks be to God!

The Martyrs of Abitinae

The priest Saint Saturninus and his companions (49 martyrs) were fourth century African martyrs who died simply for attending Sunday Mass (in secret and in private homes) from whose recorded testimony Pope Emeritus Benedict once took a quote for his Baptismal homily on the vital Christian need for Holy Mass (and in particular Sunday worship). Here is the quote.

One of the martyrs, being asked why he would risk his life to go to Mass said: sine dominico non possumus. (We can't live without the Lord [without the Lord's day]).

Today is their feast day in Roma Aeterna!

For your further information, here is the Vatican website's Roman Martyrology (Italiano) under the care of the Pontifical Academy Cultorum Martyrum.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sanctus Gregorius II PP Romanus: Roman Saint of the Day!

Pope Saint Gregory II (died this day 731) was the first Italian pope after a long series of Syrians and Greeks. He established the widespread use of the Roman Liturgy in the Northern lands through the work Saint Boniface (whose name the Pontiff changed from Winfred entrusting to him the missionary commission to Germany, and later making him a bishop).

I learned of Pope Gregory today listening to Radio Vaticana Italia in Rome, he is the saint on their Alzati e cammina, saint of the day (one minute or so, very informative) program, typically on a long forgotten (at least from the American Catholic standpoint) Roman Saint. (I have to visit Vatican Radio and find out what their resource is.)

Need to get the book of saints they are using for my daily pleasure!

A book of Popes I am reading (by a certain Kelly--protestant) says also that the site of his house became a certain Church of Saint Agnes in Rome. All very interesting and wonderful exploration topics between my doctoral labors here in the Eternal City.

By the way, here, after experiencing the city (from the inside) for half an year, is an alternative name I have coined for Rome (in place of the "Eternal City" which I also like but am still trying to fully appreciate in light of the passing of all things). OK. It is eternal because it is the See of Peter and he is the Rock which will not shake until the end of the world! (And the cobblestones used all over the old city are even called "san petrini's").  And it has had a continuous life since its founding over two thousand years ago. Nevertheless, what most stands out existentially here is the character of the City.

It is a city of the ordinariness of baroque exaggerations, even in the character of the Romans, if I have it right.
For now, Rome, for me, is the Crowned City.

Though, perhaps that name does not get exactly to the layers of history and the slow and sure Roman work ethic: take your time, wait and think, build it slow, do not waste any effort, care not what anyone else thinks or says about it, and make sure it will last forever! And crown it! And live with it and enjoy and admire it and leave it for the whole world, and God himself, to enjoy, eternally!

E.g. The concerts here (free, all over the place of the highest caliber) are amazing! Crowned splendor indeed, and eternal worth!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Communist Massacre of Italians

The Foibe Massacres and Dalmatian Exodus is a part of history which is almost completely neglected and of which I just heard during these days on Vatican Radio in Rome.

Why is it that we take such pains to remember the atrocities against some people and so easily forget those suffered by others. Answer: the victors write (re-write) history!

Communists have always specialized in distorting history anyway. The distortion of history is central to their ideology. It is actually their God, this distorted history (developed by Hegel--the becoming Spirit).

There is a new book on the subject (which is being presented in five minutes at Piazza Colonna--gotta go!). Perhaps more on this later.

Internet Censorship

Having just noticed that this article of mine is censored by a prominent Catholic Pontifical University (on whose internet service I happen to be blogging) I have decided to publish it again here, in relation to the previous post on Save the Children Italia.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pedophilia Negligence

There is quite a bit of rhetoric about protecting young people in the context of Church neglect. However, Church neglect is a small part of the widespread neglect in the entire society, the government, the public education system, the media and law enforcement, to address and correct the epidemic problem of the corruption of our youth.

It is, by now, common knowledge that there are adult predators in every youth hangout in America "cruising" and looking for young people, and very little is done to stop or even curb that trend.

A great part of the problem is that we turn a blind eye to consensual sex among minors themselves (which itself is child abuse!). Once you approve sexual immorality (in any form) and even promote it, the boundaries (including age boundaries) necessarily get blurred. For example, what is the difference in maturity between a girl on her eighteenth birthday and the same girl the day before! And the man in the world who most iconically promotes and defends her virtue, at every age, is Pope Benedict XVI.

The institution which is young people's greatest defence is the Catholic Church because she promotes the only real sanctuary of purity--the family--built on the chastity of true marriage. Increasingly the family is defended and promoted exclusively by the Catholic Church and the celibate priests and virginal nuns we so love to malign. It takes a holy marriage (i.e. a family) to raise and defend a virgin! All the courts and journalists in the world will never achieve that!

Save the Children Italia: Widespread Acceptance of Sexual Interaction Between Adults and Adolescent Children

Today's "Corriere della Sera" (Rome) published yesterday's Save the Children report detailing the widespread acceptance in Italy of various types of sexual interaction, sexual liaisons and sexual relations between adults and minors!

Here is just one more reason why the world (at every level of society) needs to be taught by the Church about basic right and wrong and on how to seek the good and reject evil.

Without the commandments of God and clear moral boundaries man loses his bearings! The world approves, promotes and pursues every manner of perversion and at the same time condemns the members of the Church hierarchy who fall prey to their very own perverse ideologies!

"Tolerance" in this (as in any area of criminal or otherwise perverse behavior) protects the abusers and abandons the abused! and, thereby perpetrates the evil.

And, by the way, the adult is usually male! Surprise, surprise. Which fact appears to be roundly ignored by the report. It further confuses the issue when it brings up the attitude of adolescents in this matter. Who is consulting them on this anyway?, that in itself being abuse of minors! And, there too, there would naturally be a marked difference between boys and girls!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Traditional Latin Masses in Cuba

Click on the image for forty pictures of two current Traditional Latin Mass locations in Cuba!


Wishing we were there!

Someone from Una Voce should go ask Fidel Castro if he would like to attend that ever ancient extraordinary form of the Mass which he undoubtedly remembers from his youth! I know plenty of priests (even some of Cuban descent!) who would happily be his private chaplain.

Remember just two years ago that he asked Pope Benedict in person some questions about the changes in the Liturgy. It appears that even communists can get this right! It's just human nature to prefer what is more perfect.

The old wine is better than the new, says the Lord!

(Nemo bibens vetus, statim vult novum: dicit enim: Vetus melius est!)

33 At illi dixerunt ad eum: Quare discipuli Joannis jejunant frequenter, et obsecrationes faciunt, similiter et pharisæorum: tui autem edunt et bibunt?
34 Quibus ipse ait: Numquid potestis filios sponsi, dum cum illis est sponsus, facere jejunare?
35 Venient autem dies, cum ablatus fuerit ab illis sponsus: tunc jejunabunt in illis diebus.
36 Dicebat autem et similitudinem ad illos: Quia nemo commissuram a novo vestimento immittit in vestimentum vetus: alioquin et novum rumpit, et veteri non convenit commissura a novo.
37 Et nemo mittit vinum novum in utres veteres: alioquin rumpet vinum novum utres, et ipsum effundetur, et utres peribunt:
38 sed vinum novum in utres novos mittendum est, et utraque conservantur.
39 Et nemo bibens vetus, statim vult novum: dicit enim: Vetus melius est.

Communists too need Jesus Christ! (As Blessed Pope John Paul II declared during his Havana Mass with Fidel Castro in attendance over a decade ago).

On the threshold of the Year 2000, the teachings of Jesus maintain their full force. They are valid for all of you, dear brothers and sisters. In seeking the justice of the kingdom we cannot hesitate in the face of difficulties and misunderstandings. If the Master's call to justice, to service and to love is accepted as good news, then the heart is expanded, criteria are transformed and a culture of love and life is born. This is the great change which society needs and expects; and it can only come about if there is first a conversion of each individual heart, as a condition for the necessary changes in the structures of society. Homily of John Paul II, José Martí Plaza (Havana) Sunday, 25 January 1998


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Secret to a Clean Shave: Don't Shave Daily!

Don't shave so often! No, really.

The key to a much better shave and razors that will last forever is to not shave every day!

Contrary to what the razor ads tell you ("change razors for a cleaner shave") the best way to have a well toned face is not putting new blades to it and shaving less often. A longer beard is much easier to grab with the blade!

My advice: do not shave more than thrice per week and you'll never have to buy a new razor! and people will also get used to more manly looking men!

I've been regularly using the same Mach3 razor (three times a week) for about a year before changing the cartridge (for over five years now), with no complaints from anyone! And my face loves it (and less blood than ever!). The face never looked so good while shaving every day! I think I'll decrease my shaving now to twice a week! Sundays (I'm a priest) and Thursdays. That should do wonders!

Monday, February 3, 2014

The Life of Pope Francis Video

Here is the English language version of the 4 minute video of the previous post (which was Spanish)! Enjoy. Every person from five years old and up should watch this video!
CatholicLink is the source, a superb source for short catechetical and apologetic videos.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

La Vida del Papa Francisco Video

Here is an excellent short video (en espanol) on the life of Jorge Bergoglio, Pope Francis.
One of many by Catholic Link.

Here in English.
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