Sunday, December 20, 2009

Historical Honesty Defeats Blind Political Correctness

His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI once again baffles the enemies of the truth by boldly declaring the heroic virtues of the Venerable Pope Pius XII by coupling that unpopular declaration with the same and more popular declaration regarding the Venerable Pope John Paul II.

Viva Benedict XVI who is hereby further showing his own heroism! He is a true, fearless and shrewd servant of the Truth.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

A New Motu Proprio on the Diaconate

Two days ago, the Holy Father made public the Motu Proprio "Omnium in mentem" clarifying the nature and role of the ordained Deacon in relation to the Priest and Bishop. You can find it in Latin at

Zenit has it in Italian and Spanish. So far I do not find the English.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wisdom of Masculine Celibate Clergy

The world needs celibate male priests for several reasons, one of which is the public witness to the need for and to the possibility of Christian chastity, self-control and generosity.

The celibate priest, being a man, can identify with other men. It is helpful for men to know that the priests are like them, with the same struggles and weaknesses, and can thus provide a compassionate perspective and encouragement in their quest for holiness.

Celibacy also fortifies the priest in counselling married couples with a necessary objectivity. The celibate commands more authority in correcting abuse, not being susceptible to the same faults, himself being unmarried.

Monday, December 14, 2009

I Die Because I Don't Die

I live without living in me
and thus I hope,
for I die because I don't die.

1. I no longer live in me,
and without God I cannot live;
since I would be left without Him and without me;
this "living" what would it be?
It would be a thousand deaths to me,
since I hope for my own life,
dying because I don't die.

2. This life which I live is a denial of living,
and is thus a continual dying
until I live with you.
Hear, my God, what I say,
that I no longer want this life,
for I die because I don't die.

3. Being absent from you,
what life can I have,
except suffer death,
never seeing the greater?
I am sorry for myself,
that per chance I continue,
for I die because I don't die.

4. Even a fish that comes out of water
does not lack relief,
for in the death that is suffers,
in the end that death helps it.
What death might there be which would equal
my sorrowful living,
since if I live more I die more?

5. When I think of relieving myself
looking at You in the Sacrament,
it gives me more emotion
not to be able to enjoy you;
it is all for greater regret,
to not see you as I want,
and I die because I don't die.

6. And if I take joy, Lord,
in the hope of seeing you,
my pain is doubled;
living in such distress
and hoping as I hope,
I die because I don't die.

7. Withdraw me from this death,
my God, and give me life;
do not keep me bound
in this so strong a bond;
look that I am in pain to see you,
and my ill is so complete,
that I die because I don't die.

8. I shall already weep my death
and I'll lament my life
in so far as it is
held back by my sins.
O my God!, When will it be
when I shall truly say:
I already live because I don't die?

Muero Porque no Muero, Saint John of the Cross (Feast 14 December)
The translation is my own.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Making a Case for Manly Beards

"The friars shall wear the beard, after the example of Christ most holy and of all our first saints, since it is something manly, severe, despised and austere."

-- Rule and Constitutions of the Franciscans of the Primitive Observance, #65

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Maria, sine labe originale concepta!

Today, the Immaculate Conception, we praise God and glorify our Lady for the Lord's double anticipation in anticipating His own Passion and death and in anticipating her conception in dispensing her from the Adam's sinful heritage.

The Lord God, in creating Mary at her Immaculate Conception, today, purified her before he created her, by the Blood which He did not yet have from her, to shed for her.

Gloria Deo in Maria Immaculata!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Answering the Skeptic

Ein Narr fragt mehr, als sieben Weise beantworten konnen.

(The fool [questions] more than seven wise [men] can answer.)

In this German proverb you will find the most reasonable argument against skepticism, viz., the skeptic questions for the sake of questioning; skepticism is a type of intellectually aimless sophistry. It can never be satisfied because it does not seek answers but only questions.

So, the skeptic is a glutton for questions.

The agnostic asks no questions.

And the athiest has the wrong answer!

Christ is the Truth. Each will be satisfied only in Christ God.

Friday, December 4, 2009

New study on effects of pornography reveals ‘a quiet family killer,’ researcher says

Ars Gratia Artis

ARS GRATIA ARTIS is the motto for MGM studios on it's emblem surrounding the roaring lion at the beginning of it's old movies which I often view on TCM channel. It can be translated literally to mean "Grace is the art of art." Which means that grace (i.e. refinement, intelligence, modesty, subtlety, piety and every other noble thing and good manner) is the greatest expression of human creativity. That movies and every form of art should be up building; entertainment should first of all build character. It should always make the viewer a better person!

Mary, the "gratia plena" (full of grace), is the greatest creation of the eternal Artist. So, even in the deepest sense, in the supernatural sense, ars gratia artis: in Maria. May our contemporary artists all remember Holy Mary, the fullness of grace, holy femeninity, divine direction, the value of virginity and holy motherhood and the God child in their work. Then they will remember and truly serve the genuine good of the people they influence by their works.

I present this as an alternate meaning to the originally intended meaning of "art for art's sake", a concept that emphasizes the autonomous value of art and regards preoccupations with morality, utility, realism and didacticism as irrelevant or inimical to artistic quality. It was the guiding principle of the AESTHETIC MOVEMENT. And it is false! Beauty is essentially related to truth and to humanity. My translation is therefore the more appropriate and should supplant the earlier and anarchic understanding of the arts which ruins the arts themselves in ruining man.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


If you haven't been poisoned...

If you haven't stopped breathing...

If you aren't bleeding profusely... can wait!
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