Friday, October 11, 2013

Making a Case for the Saturno (Priest) Hat

In Rome for a year of studies, it's getting cool out, I'm habitually in my cassock, mostly bald headed, it rains alot; and so, I need a hat. What type of hat? The saturno of course!

The jew wears his distinctive jewish hat.
The muslim men and women wear their distinctive muslim head gear.

The Catholic priest is ashamed or afraid of his peculiar hat, above all before his peers and even in his own part of the world! Even in Rome!

You see priests wearing all sorts of non-clerical hats (baseball caps, golf caps, etc., but, most rarely, a Catholic hat!) Shall we call this cultural self-hatred of believers and especially clergy and Catholic hierarchy. Shame! I will wear my priest hat, even if they kill me for it!

There is an Italian fourteen year old seminarian, Blessed Rolando Rivi, who was recently beatified as a martyr of the cassock, and praised by Pope Francis who set him as an example to be followed. He was killed by the Nazis simply for wearing the cassock! public testimony to his Catholic faith.

I should like to put the saturno (priest hat) wearing for the faith in the same category! It's a sign of heaven as the cassock is, and I wear it as an act of piety!

After the Angelus on  7 October 2013 the Pope said:

Dear brothers and sisters, yesterday in Modena Rolando Rivi was proclaimed blessed. He was a seminarian of that land, Emilia, who was killed in 1945 when he was 14 years old out of hatred for his faith. He was guilty only of wearing a cassock during a period when violence was unleashed against the clergy for having raised their voice in the name of God to condemn massacres that immediately followed the war. But faith in Jesus conquers the spirit of the world! Let us give thanks to God for this young martyr and for his heroic witness to the Gospel. And how many 14-year-olds, today, keep their eyes fixed on this example: a courageous young person who knew where he had to go, who knew the love of Jesus in his heart and gave his life for him. A beautiful example for young people!
I would like to remember together with you the people who lost their lives in Lampedusa this past Thursday. Let us all pray in silence for these our brothers and sisters: women, men, children... Allow our hearts to weep. Let us pray in silence.
I wish everyone a good Sunday. Have a good lunch and goodbye!
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