Monday, April 14, 2014

World Youth Day Rio 2013: The Movie

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Saint Francis of Paola

South Colonnade Saint Peter's Square--127. Flanked by Anthony of Padua (126) and Anthony Abbot (125). 140 statues, begin counting on north east.

Inside Saint Peter's Basilica, left side of nave

This great Saint, whose life spanned most of the 15th century (1416-1507), was a hermit, vegan, miracle worker, founder of a Franciscan religious order and a confessor of kings. Not a priest. There are two statues of him at Saint Peter's Basilica.

There is an altar to him at the Basilica Church Sant'Andrea delle Fratte, which, since 1585 has been the Roman Church of the Order of Minim Friars, the religious Order which he founded.

Blessed (soon to be Saint) Pope John Paul II died also on this day (2005).

Saint Francis de Paola, ora pro nobis!
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