Thursday, May 26, 2022

Ascension; No Christian Double Life

The feast of our Lord's Ascension reminds us that the same Christ who encourages us to carry out our task in the world awaits us in heaven as well. In other words, our life on earth, which we love, is not definitive. We do not have a permanent dwelling place here, but we seek that which is to come (Heb 13:14), a changeless home where we may live forever. Still, we must be careful not to interpret the Word of God within limits that are too narrow. Our Lord does not expect us to be unhappy in our life on earth and await a reward only in the next life. God wants us to be happy on earth too, but with a desire for the other, total happiness that only he can give.

In this life, the contemplation of supernatural reality, the action of grace in our souls, our love for our neighbor as a result of our love for God--all these are already a foretaste of heaven, a beginning that is destined to grow from day to day. We Christians cannot resign ourselves to leading a double life: our life must be a strong and simple unity into which all our actions converge.

Christ awaits us. We are citizens of heaven (Phil 3:20) and at the same time fully-fledged citizens of this earth--in the midst of difficulties, injustices, and lack of understanding, but also in the midst of the joy and serenity that comes from knowing that we are children of God, and we will see the growth in numbers and in sanctity of this Christian army of peace, of this co-redeeming people. Let us be contemplative souls, carrying on an unceasing dialogue with our Lord at all hours--from the first thought of the day to the last, turning our heart constantly toward our Lord Jesus Christ, going to him through our Mother, Holy Mary, and through him to the Father and the Holy Spirit.

If, in spite of everything, Jesus' Ascension into heaven leaves a certain taste of sadness in our souls, let us go to his Mother as the apostles did. They returned to Jerusalem...and they prayed with one mind...together with Mary, the Mother of Jesus (Acts 1:12-14).

Saint Josemaría Escrivá, Christ is Passing By.

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Memento mori

Subjects for Daily Meditation

Remember, Christian soul, that you have this day, and every day of your life:

+God to glorify,
+Jesus to imitate,
+The Angels and Saints to invoke,
+A soul to save,
+A body to mortify,
+Sins to expiate,
+Hell to avoid,
+Heaven to gain,
+Eternity for which to prepare,
+Time by which to profit,
+Neighbors to edify,
+The world to despise,
+Devils to combat,
+Passions to subdue,
+Death perhaps to suffer,
+And Judgement to undergo.

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