Sunday, January 4, 2015

Anti-Sodomy Sign Suggestion (Responding to Militant Homosexualism)



No Public
Displays of Homosexual Affection

(Take your shameful "gay pride" elsewhere!)
(It will not be tolerated here!)
(Keep [if you must] your perversions to yourself!)

N.B. This announcement should not be offensive to anyone. It is simply a basic requirement of common decency. You can't parade your highly offensive behavior and expect it be tolerated! Otherwise you are mocking every decent citizen! You don't want me to mock you, don't mock me!

Big Earl's does in fact have a sign to that effect: "Men must act like men and women must act like ladies (heterosexually, of course)!"
What is more, if men and women are acting decently, they will not be displaying their perverse sexual preferences.

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