Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Charlie Hebdo Slaughter: Obscene Blasphemy Provoking French Citizens for Years

Free speech in France includes every form of anti-Catholic and anti-Islamist obscenity, which includes sodomizing cartoons of our religious leaders and even of the Trinity Itself!

The irony is that Judaism is protected by law while Catholicism and Islam are roundly blasphemed daily in France. One-sided censorship does not work! That's provocation!

Laws should be designed and reasonably adjusted to ensure peace!

Laws on the limits of free speech should never be made in a vacuum. They should be made considering the legitimate rights and sensibilities of all people. I must say that the French bias against Catholicism and Islam is, at the very least, shocking! But the French like to shock! Well, if you like to shock, you better like getting shocked!

I remember during my last visit in Paris I was so offended by a newspaper stand's calumny against the Catholic Church that I was compelled to yell at the vendor for his unwarranted and extreme provocation.

Catholics are complacent to react.

Islamists are less so.

I do not justify this outrageous man slaughter, but the editors of that newspaper have been offending God and men for too long!

Sometimes it takes an outrage like this for people to wake up to the unjust provocation with no recourse to response for the provoked (viz. the Islamist protests have been banned for months). So, you provoke them and then you gag them. Well, something is going to give! France cannot continue to pretend that religion is to be toyed with and mocked.

Read Chesterton's The Ball and the Cross which is precisely about upright zeal in defense of one's belief, which includes fighting for it!
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