Monday, January 5, 2015

Dietrich von Hildebrand Corrects Descartes/Modernity

"Man is in dialogue with objects and with persons outside of himself, and rare are the moments when man has to look at himself. These are the moments when you make an examination of conscience. And you don't make an examination of conscience twelve hours a day. Most of the time you are object centered and then there are moments when you have to look upon yourself and gain self-consciousness and realize the mistakes that you have made."

Dietrich von Hildebrand, Transformation in Christ. (Quote from a recorded conference of Alice von Hildebrand "The Tragedy of Thomas Merton": Keep the Faith, Fairfield, New Jersey noting how psychoanalysis, communism and eastern mysticism destroyed Merton [and myriad other American religious].)

N.B. Even the examination of conscience is in dialogue, dialogue with God and with the Church, repenting and beginning again in dialogue with Christ our Lord.

Contraception and abortion causes neurosis, for an infant (in holy marriage) is the greatest remedy for self-absorption! Why do you think God came to the earth by becoming a conceptus! Man needs to be needed!
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