Friday, January 30, 2015

Feminine Grandeur

The last type of creature created by God was man, "very good": male and female; first the male. then the female.

Woman, joined to her husband, is the last in the hierarchical procession of divine creation. Royal processions are modeled upon that primordial procession. The most prominent are saved for last.

Furthermore the Lord says "the last shall be first," and "the greatest among you is the one who serves the rest."

According to the Gospels, Christ's first disciple is Mary, a follower of Christ right from the Annunciation Incarnation, a cooperator with God Himself in that act of Salvation. A mere housewife is the greatest human person. God had promised that greatness from the start when he said to the ancient serpent: "I will put enmity between  you and the woman."

Thank God for all holy women who, like the Most Blessed and ever Virgin Mary buck the devil in the name of Christ! Magnanimous servants of the Lord. "Ecce ancilla Domini."

What is more, the material from which the woman was formed is also superior to that of any other creature. She was created from the body of the human person (the man), whereas the man was created from mud. Hence the female primordial human life: the first woman being made out of a living person, henceforth all living persons are made in the woman, according to the plan of God. The Woman is the God-given human incubator: a living person. God willed that because of Eve every human person should henceforth come from within a living person: the Woman.

Cf. Alice von Hildebrand lecture, "The Christian Family and the Transmission of Life" : Saint Joseph Communication, Covina California.
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