Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Film Choice/Decency Progress

Ever seeking to improve the film watching experience and to be selective about the images I watch just realized that watching films on the internet is a great advance given the black-out screen function (Fn F6) on the keyboard!

For too long I have wished that television controls had such a standard function (sort of like a visual mute: a black-out button! [sometimes more essential than the mute, to close the visual]).

And with the YouTube movie you don't have to be caught off guard by any gratuitous sex scene or nudity because by moving the mouse along the elapsing time line at the bottom of the screen you can see all the upcoming frames and know when the bed scenes come before they happen! Finally consumer choice!

For foreign films in any language just put the name of the language (preferably in that language) in the search box: e.g. francais film. Then you go to the filters and click movie, > 20 min. As I am writing this the French film I'm watching is starting a several minute bed scene (the only one of the movie) which is getting pretty steamy; so I also mute the sound! No problem! Now, un-mute and the heat is over! Everybody's dressed. Can go back to the screen enjoyment.

And it's all free! That's real freedom at last, and truly cosmopolitan. The world's the limit!

Who needs television! Who needs theater!

Vive la liberte! Vive l'ordinateur!

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