Friday, January 9, 2015

The Digital Web

Have you noticed that the smaller the gadget the bigger the entangled commitment (e.g. monthly fees, accessories, absolute necessity of the gadget: everything today ever more presumes the use of the pocket information gadget or the P.C.). It is truly a web! Once it gets you in you can never leave. It gets you! Kinda like the mob.

When everyone has to have one specific man made thing, watch out! Totalitarianism will not be far away! That itself is actually already totalitarianism, forcing everyone to do the same thing. It makes one want to leave it all like the monks of the first centuries of Christianity because the world is becoming too all-absorbing, so complicated, so entangled, such a web of unnecessary attachments posing as necessary.

Jesus! You only need Jesus! And He is sitting right beside you!

"You did it to me!" says the Lord. (When you ignored or were otherwise rude to your brother).

Seek Jesus in others and be Jesus for others and don't let the gadgets take you from Him!
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