Thursday, February 19, 2015

Google's Neo-Gnosticism

Happy New Year! That is the Google Doodle message for today, the second day of Lent 2015.

Under the pretense of being objective and non intrusive Google is fully part of the positivist enlightenment religion of humanity a la Auguste Compte, forever attempting to displace the Christian culture with a neo-pagan culture of Science, Nature and the State.

Today is the Lunar New Year 2015 (so we are told).

Well, in my forty eight years of life in the USA I do not know anyone nor have I heard of anyone that I even remotely know or have heard of who has given any hint at any knowledge of this commemoration, except perhaps in relation to Passover, Good Friday and Easter (all of which Google systematically ignores year after year giving precedence to feasts and supposed commemorations which no one commemorates or celebrates).

Yesterday, Ash Wednesday in every land throughout the world, Google Doodle propagates the birthday of someone of whom most people had never heard and today, the day after, no one can even remember! While the entire world has begun the forty days of Lent and Google remains oblivious to that fact which is all over the world wide web. Surely, with the information at it's disposal, Google must be aware of the internet buzz on Ash Wednesday. Is it right to ignore what everyone is talking about. It reminds me of the Annual Right to Life March and the repeated deafening media silence regarding the same.

Here is a typical example of the close-mindedness of the modern open-mind! God, the one true God, Jesus Christ, and His Church, is expelled. This Neo-Gnosticism will promote every form of false religion: e.g. Holloween, the "day of the Dead," etc. but never a word for our religious heritage and that of those myriad immigrants and nations across our boarders. They are Catholic, Google, Catholic! Hear it! Deal with it! and stop trying to fight it by tacit denial!

Thank you Google Doodle for being so out of touch with humanity and thus informing us about what we never cared to know and celebrating what no one celebrates, as a substitute for your apparent atheism, which most of humanity does not share! Get religion and be sure that it is true religion, the only religion which claims to worship the God Who is Real: viz. Judeo-Christian (which includes what is most noble in every other religion e.g. Islam; just one of many Christian heresies, in that very similar to Jehovah's Witness, Mormonism, etc.).

Compte's experiment along with that of all of the enemies of Catholicism for the past two-hundred and fifty years (approximately the age of our Nation) has failed and is doomed to fail in it's attempt to destroy Christ and His Church, because the Church was founded by Christ upon Saint Peter, and the gates of Hell (according to His infallible Will) shall not prevail against Her, not to mention Google's Doodles.
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