Monday, October 5, 2015

The First Pope of the Huge Crowds: Venerable Pope Pius XII Live Footage

Jan 26, 2007 The Last Years of Pius XII 1951-1958

Eugenio Pacelli The First Years Part 1 1876-1919

Eugenio Pacelli The First Years Part 3 1933-1938

Pacelli, Pius XII Part 1: Election 1939-1940

Pacelli, Pius XII Part 2: 1940-1942

Pacelli, Pius XII Part 3: Martyrs and Occupation - 1943

 Pacelli, Pius XII Part 4: Liberation, Jubilee 1944-1950

Consistory 1945

Holy Year Ends 1951

Pastor Angelicus Full Movie
Centro Cattolico Cinematografico

Pope Pius XII: Under the Roman Sky English Full Movie

Full Unedited 2-hour Documentary
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