Monday, June 6, 2016

Muhammad Ali Apostate Witnesses to God and to Eternity: RIP

Cassius Clay ("Muhammad Ali") was a Christian apostate, rejecting the Christian faith of his youth to go to the anti-Christian religion of Muhammadism, to which he has drawn many Christians (including various wives, one of whom was Catholic). He had nine children from six different women. An icon of the novel and widespread African-American rejection of Jesus Christ, in a distorted sense of freedom. Their young men (often reared Christians, like Ali himself, and in the context of prison) are being led to believe that an Arabian war lord is to be preferred to the Prince of Peace!

What the misguided American Muhammanden black man fails to realize is that Jesus Christ is God, the Savior of the world, Africa and Afro-America included. There are 175 million Catholics in Africa right now, and growing. Christianity was in Africa for five centuries before Muhammad was even born, and it will be there long after that false religion is gone. Mr. Ali, an apostate leader, is hardly a hero. May Jesus Christ the Lord have mercy on his soul and wipe out the great and enduring scandal of his apostasy. Requiescat in pace!
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