Saturday, September 24, 2016

Troubadour Songs

Christopher Dawson says that the beginning of the Romantic Movement was a return to the Middle Ages, with its Christianity, its Chivalry and its songs. Mediæval Religion, 124.

Take a listen.
7. Cypriano de Rore (1516-1565) "Vergine Pura." 11:49-16.25 is especially sweet.

The Romantic Movement is not to be identified with "the movement of return to nature and sentiment that has its origin with Rousseau...The two are no more to be identified with one another than the Renaissance is to be identified with the Reformation."

"Indeed the relation between Humanism and Protestantism affords a very fair parallel to that between Romanticism and Rousseauism." 124

In other words, the anti-Hellenic Protestant back to the sources is just as oxymoronic as the anti-religious/anti-authority back to sources of true humanity in nature and sentiment of Rousseauism. For the sources of Christianity are thoroughly Hellenic and the sources of a true humanity are thoroughly religious and imbued with clear hierarchical order in its nobility and pristine beauty.

Women's voices.
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