Sunday, September 25, 2016

Why All God-fearing Americans Should Ally and Boycott the 2016 Election Charade En Masse

We are being compelled to choose between a bigoted racist and a perverse murderer.

It's a lose--lose situation.


Let's all agree to stay home.

This thought came to me today after having to preach on today's Gospel of the rich man and Lazarus: Luke 16:19-31. In the present political climate, there was no way to preach on the evils of that rich man's neglect and the salvation of the poor man without seeming to be tacitly campaigning for Hillary. I could have avoided preaching on the Gospel altogether, but it had to be read. Anyway, what I said is that "Hillary hates the poor as much as Trump does!...because she does not care about the 60% of black children aborted in her New York City. She follows the ideas of the pioneers of our failed welfare system which destroys our cities and our blacks: Saul Alinsky, Peter Rodino and Margaret Sanger, and she promotes Planned Parenthood's sale of baby body parts."

Cf. A Wolf in Sheeps Clothing
Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are Disciples of Saul Alinsky!
Saw it last night on EWTN
Shows how this communist (also a Jew) was the founding father of the anti-Catholic, anti-family so-called Catholic Campaign for Human Development and the equally anti-Catholic, anti-God, also posing as Catholic, Call to Action.
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