Friday, July 21, 2017

Cologne Reform of the Reform: Meisner Requiem

Procession and Mass to
Cologne Cathedral

Edifying is the 26:00 minute of the men bearing the banners of Catholic societies of Cologne, heading the procession before the final ascent to the Cathedral portal.

Also noteworthy is that the clergy are in cassock and surplice, in choir, not a mass concelebration. Black vestments for all.
Numerous Roman chasubles among concelebrating prelates.

Not sure why there is no pall on the coffin. A black pall.

At minute 54:00 you can see the place where he will rest in the middle of the sanctuary floor.

Then 59:30 for the Fauré introit! Magnificence!

What about the dozens of torches at the Gospel! 1:26:00. All men.

The Agnus Dei was impressive, Mozart Coronation Mass.
The Adeste Fideles was a bit shocking until I remembered that the Cathedral of Cologne gloriously enshrines the relics of the Three Wise Men.

An ovation for the message of the Pope Emeritus.

The pall bearers even lowered the casket! Amidst the eerie background sound of the bell toll from the enormous bells of the cathedral.
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