Monday, July 3, 2017

If You Consent to Someone Else's Sin, You are Sinning

Pantocrator: Hagia Sophia

The Penny Catechism lists nine ways to cause or share the guilt of another's sin.

1. By counsel
2. By command
3. By consent
4. By provocation
5. By praise or flattery
6. By concealment
7. By being a partner in sin
8. By silence
9. By defending the ill done

Qui tacet consentit or qui tacet consentire videtur si loqui debuisset ac potuisset is a principle of jurisprudence: silence gives consent. If you should and could have said something, in the face of obstinate evil, it is not neutral to keep quiet. You are guilty too.

P.S. This thought comes in response to yesterday's gospel/post which distinguishes good peace and bad peace. Bad peace is actually war in disguise. It's a cover-up, and Christ comes to have it out! Christ does not tolerate sin in any form, nor do his followers. "I came to bring the sword, not peace," says the Lord. Matthew 10:34
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