Thursday, December 10, 2015

Notes on Mohammedanism

Mecca,  أبراج البيت, the world's third tallest building.
Non-Mohammedans are Not Allowed in the City!

The name is properly Mohammedanism and not islam/muslim (which is a misnomer meaning "orthodox religion" or true submission), because it is the religion founded by the warrior Mohammed.

Mohammed was a military general, an expert killer, conquerer and unifier of Saudi Arabia.

Mohammedanism invaded and conquered Jerusalem and the Holy Land and destroyed the holy sites first in 637 (five years after the death of Mohammed).

There was one permanently successful Christian Crusade against Mohammedanism's invasions of Christian lands: that of the Iberian Peninsula which begin with the Christian victory of the Battle of Covadonga in 722 (against the Moorish invasion of Spain 711-718) and concluded by "The Catholic" Isabel and Ferdinand in 1492, the same year they financed the discovery of New Spain (America).

The Koran is a book of anti-Christian anti-Jewish blasphemy (e.g. a repeated refrain therein is that Jesus is not God).
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