Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Obama gets close to the truth when he calls into question faith in politicians.

"So, my fellow Americans, whatever you may believe, whether you prefer one party or no party, whether you supported my agenda or fought as hard as you could against it -- our collective futures depends on your willingness to uphold your duties as a citizen. To vote. To speak out. To stand up for others, especially the weak, especially the vulnerable, knowing that each of us is only here because somebody, somewhere, stood up for us. (Applause.) We need every American to stay active in our public life -- and not just during election time -- so that our public life reflects the goodness and the decency that I see in the American people every single day."

--President Obama State of the Union January 12, 2016

The statement falls, however, in that he says renew your faith in the political process. I was hoping for something deeper.

What he should have said is read the Bible, go to Church, believe, trust in God and live your life accordingly, especially in Jesus Christ! Live the life of Jesus and all will be well with America, whether you vote or not, regardless of who is in office. Put all your faith and politics (or no politics) in the hands of our Supreme Governor and the President of presidents: God! Trust in God and distrust men! Chancellor Angela Merkel, Time Man of the Year, said as much!

Our crisis is a crisis of saints! Want to solve the problems of the world, get right with God, solve the problems of your soul and all will be well in the world! Jesus is the Savior, the only Savior of the world--of your soul, and, thereby, of the world.
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