Saturday, January 23, 2016


Engraving of the day's Gospel Matthew 20:16.
Parable of the householder hiring laborers for his vineyard.
Which Mass I used yesterday for the Sunday Vigil Mass (oops, no Vigil Mass in EF?)
during "Jonas" blizzard for which I fully expected no one
(only one elderly man showing, and serving as my altar boy!).
We are sojourners upon this earth; we are exiles and captives in Babylon, that city which plots our ruin. If we love our country, - if we long to return to it, - we must be proof against the lying allurements of this strange land, and refuse the cup she proffers us, and with which she maddens so many of our fellow captives. She invites us to join in her feasts and her songs; but we must unstring our harps, and hang them on the willows that grow on her river’s bank, till the signal be given for our return to Jerusalem [Ps. cxxv]. She will ask us to sing to her the melodies of our dear Sion: but, how shall we, who are so far from home, have heart to sing the Song of the Lord in a strange Land? [Ps. cxxxvi]. No, - there must be no sign that we are content to be in bondage, or we shall deserve to be slaves for ever.

Gueranger, The Liturgical Year, Vol. 4, page 9.
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