Friday, February 12, 2016

Rome and Moscow Meet!

Just a few simple yet obvious observations.
The Pope is under dressed, as usual! The Patriarch wears a sort of mitred crown, the Holy Father no colors.
The Vatican gives gifts to the entire delegation of the Russians and the Russians give no gifts to anyone of the Roman delegation.
Cuba, a center of religious oppression, is the place of this great historic encounter. Hard to process how this whitewashing of the crimes of Cuba could be good for the elimination of the murder and abuse of Christians world-wide by anti-God tyrannies. "Charity" toward the abuser is to condone the abuse.
Personally, I find the venue of Cuba, in which the Catholic elite has been summarily destroyed (exhiled, killed and imprisoned) during the present regime, very insulting and disrespectful. It would be equivalent to meeting the Patriarch of Greece in muslim Turkey (where the Orthodox Church has been destroyed) instead of Athens.
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