Friday, April 2, 2021

Titles of the Pope

Most Holy Bishop of the Catholic Church --Council of Soissions, of 300 Bishops.

Most Holy and Blessed Patriarch --Ibid., t. vii,. Council.

Most Blessed Lord --St. Augustine, Ep. 95.

Universal Patriarch --St. Leo, P., Ep. 62.

Chief of the Church in the World --Innoc. ad P. P. Concil. Milevit.

The Bishop elevated to the Apostolic eminence --St. Cyprian, Ep. 3, 12.

Father of Fathers --Council of Chalcedon, Sess. iii.

Sovereign Pontiff of Bishops --Id., in fraef.

Sovereign Priest --Council of Chalcedon, Sess. xvi.

Prince of Priests --Stephen, Bishop of Carthage.

Prefect of the House of God and Guardian of the Lord's Vineyard --Council of Carthage, Ep. to Damasus.

Vicar of Jesus Christ, Confirmer of the Faith of Christians --St. Jerome, Praef. in Evang. ad Damasum.

High-Priest --Valentinian, and all antiquity with him.

The Sovereign Pontiff --Council of Chalcedon, in Epist. ad Theodos. Imper.

The Prince of Bishops --Ibid.

The Heir of the Apostles --St. Bern., lib. de Consid.

Abraham by the Patriarchate --St. Ambrose, in 1 Tim. iii.

Mechisedech by ordination --Council of Chalcedon, Epist. ad Leonem.

Moses by authority --St. Bernard, Epist. 190.

Samuel by jurisdiction --Id. lib., et in lib. de Consider.

Peter by power --Ibid.

Christ by unction --Ibid.

The Shepherd of the Fold of Jesus Christ --Id. lib. ii. de Consid.

Key-Bearer of the House of God --Id. ibid. c. viii.

The Shepherd of all Shepherds --Ibid.

The Pontiff called to the plentitude of all power --Ibid.

St. Peter was the Mouth of Jesus Christ --St. Chrysost. Hom. ii., in Div. Serm.

The Mouth and Head of the Apostleship --Orig., Hom. lv. in Matth.

The Cathedra and Principal Church --St. Cypr., Ep. lv. ad Cornel.

The Source of Sacerdotal Unity --Id., Epist. iii. 2.

The Bond of Unity --Id. ibid. iv. 2.

The Church where resides the chief power (potentior principalitas) --Id. ibid. iii. 8.

The Church the Root and Mother of all the others --St. Anaclet. Papa, Epist. ad omnes Episc. et Fideles.

The See on which our Lord has built the Universal Church --St. Damasus, Epist. ad Univ. Episcop.

The Cardinal Point and Head of all the Churches --St. Marcellinus, R. Epist. ad Episc. Anthioch.

The Refuge of Bishops --Con. Alex., Epist. ad Felic. P.

The Supreme Apostolic See --St. Athanasius.

The Presiding Church --Emperor Justin., in lib. viii., Cod. de Sum. Trinit.

The Supreme See which cannot be judged by any other --St. Leo, in Nat. SS. Apost.

The Church set over and preferred to all the others --Vicot d'Utiq., in lib. de Perfect.

The first of all the Sees --St. Prosper, in lib. de INgrat.

The Apostolic Fountain --St. Ignatius, Epist. ad Rom, in Subscript.

The most secure Citadel of all Catholic Communion --Council of Rome under St. Gelasius.

The sweet Christ on earth. --Saint Catherine of Siena.

The servant of the servants of Christ. --Pope Saint Gregory the Great.

This list is of St. Francis de Sales in Rev. J. Balmes, Protestantism and Catholicity: Compared in their Effects on the Civilization of Europe, Baltimore: Murphy and Co., 1850, 423.

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