Sunday, May 2, 2021

Why I Refuse the Pocket Phone

There are many reasons, a few of them very grave but most of them trivial, that I willingly and gladly do not have the ubiquitous pocket-phone.

The most serious reason I, a parish priest, refuse to have the pocket-phone is to openly protest the manifest grave damage to myriads of individuals of all ages (especially women and children) due to an inordinate attachment to social media, the worst of all being self-murder, but also the destruction of countless marriages and families.

The logical consequence to the total selfishness promoted and glamorized by much of social media is Hell, total self destruction, suicide. But I prefer the more explicit term "self-murder" to the word "suicide" because the latter word has become a scandal by making that type of murder seem benign and acceptable, which it is not.

Homocide, to murder another, is far better than suicide, to murder oneself.

Suicide is by far the worst sin.

The greatest punishment in Hell is reserved for those who are guilty of self-murder. Social media is causing many thousands of self-murders. It is a terrible scandal, causing many people to commit this gravest of sins and make themselves go to Hell. Horror! And, make no mistake, lust, in all its forms, is also a large element in this culture of despair and self-destruction, also causing the ruin of holy marriage and the family.

Lord, mercy!

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