Saturday, July 30, 2022

Reaction to the Liturgical Suppression

Several things will obviously result from the present wrongful suppression of the Traditional Latin Mass.

1. The Reform of the Reform will continue stronger than ever making the Novus Ordo much more traditional, in accordance with the express dictates of Vatican II.
2. Privately owned chapels will multiply exponentially, with clandestine Latin Masses and a network for that.
3. The present drastic drop in priestly vocations will become immediately much more accented.

Several tasks for future Popes in light of Traditionis custodes.

1. Establish a personal prelature for all priests who are attached to the Latin Mass, with perpetual rights.
2. Promulgate a vernacular version of the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Missal.
3. Declare in perpetuity the right of all Latin Rite priests to celebrate the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite either in Latin or in English.
4. Make the pre-1955 Holy Week Ritual the normative Holy Week Rite.
5. Abrogate the Ordinary Form of the Roman Ritual as unfitting for Catholic worship.
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