Saturday, November 14, 2015

Paris Shooting at "Death" Band Blasphemous Concert

The American Band at the Paris Bataclan Theater massacre last night was "Eagles of Death Metal"! How morbidly appropriate!

Question: why would you go to a concert with a band which glamorizes death and every manner of blasphemy and immorality? Warning, the lyrics of the above song are a mantra of banal blasphemy, sexual immorality, devil worship and the objectification of women.

Moral: sing and celebrate life, virginity, holy marriage, goodness and truth, and love and serve God, if you want to live! There is no glamour in death, would that the death metal proponents should get the message and convert to Jesus Christ, the Savior from sin and death.

Turn to God and confess you sins and your life is changed in Christ!

When will neo-pagan Paris and France and Europe get the message and realize that blasphemy should be against the law! The Charlie Hebdo slaughter was also to shut up the brazen blasphemers.
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