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Francisco against Spain and America: The Black Legend

With so many insults, dishonors and vituperations: it is known that he who dishonors and defames one person commits a sin, and even more so he who defames many, and much more so he who defames a republic or a nation (...) I do not know why las Casas wants to condemn a hundred people for the actions of one; and why he wants to attribute to a thousand people what has been done by ten; and he defames all those who have been here and are still here...

Fr. Toribio de Benavente, Historia de los indios de la Nueva España, Herederos de J. Gili, Barcelona, 1914, pg. 270.

In the year of our Lord 1555, a humble Franciscan friar from Tlaxcala sent a letter to the Emperor Charles I of Spain. This epistle, the Letter from Fray Toribio de Motolinía to Emperor Charles V, is one of the most extraordinary historical documents ever written. It is the absolute refutation of the Black Legend about the Evangelization of America and contains the greatest epic conceived against the hypocrite and liar Las Casas, written by none other than Brother Toribio de Benavente, called Motolinía “the poor” by the Indians, one of the first Twelve apostles who evangelized Mexico and a tireless defender and evangelizer of its natives.

Today the atrocious shadow of the Black Legend rises again against Spain and its American sisters, a mixture of guilty ignorance, falsehoods and political use to subdue them. But the surprise is that one of the greatest promoters is a Catholic, Hispanic-American and Spanish-speaking pope: Francisco, to make matters worse with the name of the largest evangelizing order on the American continent. Today it is necessary to hear again and bring to our days these testimonies of the past to dissolve the darkness of lies and for the light of truth to shine because our future, the future of all of us, depends on it.

The Black Legend, a neo-colonial instrument

 that there is no human man of any nation, law or condition that reads them, who does not incur mortal abhorrence and hatred and considers all the inhabitants of this New Spain to be the most cruel, most abominable, most unfaithful and detestable people in all the nations under heaven and this is where the writings that are written without charity and that come from a spirit alien to all piety and humanity end up. --Br. Toribio de Benavente, Op. cit. , pg. 269

The mountain of falsehoods poured out about Spain and America is not innocent. Its promoters know this well, as they have not ceased to propagate them since the 16th century despite the fact that today Spain is nothing more than a name which is a shadow of what it was and that the American nations are sunk, demoralized and enslaved. However, the mere idea of ​​a revival of the old Catholic Monarchy along with its civilization frightens the globalist powers, heirs of the German Protestant revolt and the Anglo-Saxon plutocratic empire. Although we do not remember it, they well remember that the Spanish Empire was about to put an end to those new Carthages of Mammon and Baal. Like Cato the Censor, they shout Hispaniae delendae sunt! and they want to sow salt and sulfur in our history and culture so that there is not even the slightest possibility of rebirth of the true Christian West as they try to do with Russia, her East.

The key is given to us by Motolinía himself, who even foresaw its future consequences: "...de las Casas denounces them in writing and in print: well, how can a Spanish nation with its prince who tomorrow will be disgraced by a daring person? Will the Indians and other nations read?” (p. 264). Today it has already happened and not only among others are we the most hateful and abominable nations on earth and that is why we are happy to wear chains, we lash ourselves and, above all, it makes us want to be others, in that kind of slow motion suicide of our own degradation. America dreaming of having been colonized by Anglos and Gabachos or in that artificial paradise that was pre-Columbian hell, and Spain breaking into pseudo-nations and falling into voluntary servitude.

Sentence: Spain does not deserve to live.

This is what the American nations have fallen into, believing they were colonies and slaves when they were free and kingdoms, and Spain, daughter and heir of Rome, mother of towns and cities, evangelizer of the world, believes itself to be the refuse of the world, the refuse of humanity, paragon of monsters.

For this to be propagated by the Pope and his collaborators, knowing their lies and falsehood, they have no choice but to call him... Francisco the Pharisee, to some I say white and to others black.

I marvel at how Your Majesty (...) have been able to suffer for so long a man so tiresome, restless and importunate, boisterous and argumentative in matters of religion, so restless, so poorly raised, so insulting and harmful and so restless (...) For a few canons that de las Casas heard, he dares a lot, and his disorder seems very great and his humility little; He thinks everyone makes mistakes and only he gets it right...

Br. Toribio de Benavente, op. cit ., pg.260

What can we say about a man who goes beyond saying this...

“We are children of a great conscience. Because the work of Spain in America, more than a company, was a Mission. A mission of the Spanish people who poured into these lands with the best they had: their culture and their faith. Mission of the conquerors who in fifty years traveled the continent on foot, founding towns and mixing, without fear, with the Indians.”

Jorge Mario Bergoglio, Speech on May 27, 1975 on the occasion of National Day at the University of El Salvador

to go on to state this other thing...?

The Bicentennial of that cry for independence of Latin America. That was a cry born from the awareness of lack of freedoms, of being squeezed, plundered, subjected to the circumstantial conveniences of the powerful in power.?

Francisco, Speech on July 7, 2015 in the Bicentennial Park of Quito

Not to mention his constant request for forgiveness for the evangelization of America and even for invented crimes such as the graves of murdered indigenous children in Canada. What are we doing, Francisco? Could it be that you are changing your discourse according to your worldly interests and conveniences? Of course, where are the major denunciations of the massacres of Christians in Africa, the Middle East, and India? Silence. Where is the philippics against world plutocracy and its tyrannical plans? Dialogue and hugs with Rothchild. Where is the condemnation of the oppression of China's martyrdom church? Secret agreements with Xi. “A dead moro, great spear”, as they say in my land. This is today's stuff, not fake antiques from yesteryear. The dead neither answer nor threaten, fuel the monkey even if you defame saints, entire nations, to the Church itself and to God himself. With the powerful of today there is no caulking but incense.

And what can we say about the bunch of nonsense, imbecilities, very politically correct, historical inventions, nonsense and nonsense that is contained in that delusional Vatican document called: Joint note on the “Doctrine of discovery” of the Dicastery for Culture and Education and the Dicastery for the Service of Integral Human Development , published with the consent of the pontiff?

It is so cool to cite Sublimis Deus of 1537! But they forget that in 1497 the enslavement of the Indians was prohibited, that in 1504 Isabel la Católica granted them full citizenship rights in her Testament, which had the status of law of the Kingdom, and that the Laws of Burgos of Fernando the Catholic date from 1512. Now, I do not know why the Protestant powers or Gallican France would be interested in the granting of those lands discovered by the Vicar of Christ for their evangelization when the doctrine of predestination gave greater rights over those countries, not to mention the lack of finicky of all the ancient empires without so much justifying talk. But the pearl of self-righteousness and hypocrisy is this: ““The Church is also aware of the fact that the content of these documents has been manipulated for political purposes by competing colonial powers, to justify immoral acts against indigenous populations (…) . ” The Popes of the Renaissance were political fools: the Borgias, Farnese, Medici... who didn't know anything or, worse, didn't want to.

By the way, since they are a bunch of idiots or, worse, unscrupulous manipulators, they do not believe that this alleged doctrine of discovery was already refuted and destroyed by the School of Salamanca in the 16th century at its bases, and also with Saint Thomas and not with Boff. Of course, admitting it would be the collapse of politically correct theories and the end of the pretense of breaking with the Church of the past that so many liberationist priests, so many modernist theologians, so many progressive bishops, so many synodal conferences and so many globalist popes want to sell us.

We only have one question left to ask and that is

What have you done, what have you done of any use?

showing that he loves a lot (...) and that he only wants to defend and favor them more than anyone else; He spent very little time here if he wasn't carrying them and tiring them.

Br. Toribio de Benavente, op. cit . pg. 261

Talk and slander, nothing and smoke, death and slavery. A lot of denunciation, a lot of lying forgiveness, a lot of defamation against the thousands of friars, priests, lay people, kings, governors and it does not reach their heels. Motolinía was persecuted for forty years for his defense of the Indians while he evangelized thousands. The Religious friars and other orders, the civil authorities and the people made Christ known, baptized and catechized, erected churches, eliminated practices such as cannibalism, sacrifices, mistreatment of women and abortion, built hospitals, established and built schools, made roads, promoted agriculture, livestock and manufacturing, defended justice and law, created culture and unparalleled beauty, saved languages ​​and cultures. And you dare to insult them, to spit on their memory,

What have you done? What have they have done? Hypocrites who look at the speck of another's eye and at your beams. You scream hysterically about the alleged massacres of the past but you remain silent when you organized militias and terrorist groups that bloodied all of Latin America for your totalitarian revolutionary dreams. You furiously attack the American nations with your pret-a-porter indigenism of a university that atomizes countries and leaves them at the mercy of multinationals and globalitarians. You kill the only hopes of rebirth of our people, of their unity and of our history with the applause of plutocrats and hawks. And, above all, you destroy the Faith that gives life in abundance, that redeems every man and elevates him to be an adopted son of God, restoring the worst of paganism and the tyrannies of yesteryear. Motolinía foresaw it well because you are burdening them and tiring them with your madness and pettiness.

You cannibalize the Church, so I'm not surprised that your sympathies go to the anthropophagous cults instead of their victims...


Only the truth sets us free; Motolinía's entire letter is a demand from the truth, asking that all abuse be given by name and date. America, Spain and the Church are sick with lies, a poison that kills the soul. The Popes were not confused when they called Ibero-America the Continent of Hope, which with its lights and shadows is the only living germ of Christianity, since the only culture that frontally opposed destructive modernity was the Hispanic culture in the West. Our mere shadow fills modernity with panic and fear. That is why it tries to divide and destroy us, defame our past, sow our future possibilities with sulfur and destroy us forever, so that it does not rise again as the katejón that it was and that it can be again. It is in our hands, with the help of God, that it not achieve it, no matter by who, including Francis and his Court of Miracles in search of World Cup chaplaincy.
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