Monday, July 27, 2015

¡Hagan Lío! Make a Ruckus, but Without Destoying Anything! Pope Francis to the Youth of Latin America

Nuestra Señora Santa María de la Asunción, Paraguay Local time: 16.50-Pope Francis meets the Youth of the country along the "Costanera" riverfront of Asunción, at the end of his apostolic journey to Latin America July 12, 2015.
It was an extraordinary gathering of evangelical enthusiasm with the Vicar of Christ and the Latin youth, encouraging them to love the Lord and to do something both youthful and good for the world from the Lord Jesus!

Minute 1:00:00 (One hour into the video)

The other day, a priest jokingly said to me: “Yes, keep telling young people to make a ruckus. But afterwards, we are the ones who have to fix it”. So make a ruckus! But also help in fixing it. Two things: make a ruckus, but organize it well! A ruckus that shall give us a free heart, a ruckus that shall give us solidarity, a ruckus that shall give us hope, a ruckus that shall be born of having met Jesus and from knowing that God Whom I have met is my fortitude. That is the kind of ruckus for you to make...

...Help to organize the mess that you shall make so that it not destroy anything.
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