Friday, December 19, 2014

Cuba--USA Relations

Agnew, then Nixon, Were Eliminated Because Anti-Castro!

A Jesuit mediates between two communists.

That's my one line assessment of Obama's announcement regarding Cuba.

Cf. The New York Times (that communist, homosexualist, anti-Catholic monopoly on popular opinion).

Hard to process!  Here we go.

What was impossible for the liberators of the Soviet Union (prominent among whom were Pope Saint John Paul II and President Reagan) and for Papa Ratzinger (who in his Cardinal years all but solved the near schism of the ubiquitous Liberation Theologians of Latin America) now is flippantly set aside as a myth which does not need a solution. This is a problem on several levels.

The United States of America has always tolerated and now openly approves the criminal Castro regime, while it topples such lesser violators of international human rights laws as with the Grenada War, and the invasion of Panama with the arrest and imprisonment of its president Manuel Noriega (who at 80 is still rotting in prison); not to mention the Kuwait war and both Iraq wars.

The United States should have long ago done in Cuba (e.g. the Bay of Pigs betrayal) what it did in Grenada under President Reagan. It would take less than 24 hours to liberate Havana, which is indefensible (e.g. no mountains). Why this is not done has only one explanation, the real power in the USA (masonic and anti-Catholic) has always supported and loved communism and the Castro regime (with the notable exceptions of Kennedy, Nixon, Agnew and Reagan--most of whom were eliminated). New York has always treated the Castros like princes. They should have been arrested long ago, as was Pinochet! and now they are being legitimized! It's a scandal, a pro-communist scandal.

My father, a Cuban refugee, who came to the US in 1961, flew from New York to Miami for the Bay of Pigs invasion but retracted when he learned from a very influential friend that the CIA members organizing the operation were not to be trusted: they were, according to the report, "communists, homosexuals and gangsters!" The CIA designed that "invasion" to be sure to fail, and nobody cared!

To legitimize the Cuban government is to legalize plunder and torture. The Jews are still being compensated for the injustices committed against them in Germany while the dispossessed Cubans are expected to grin and bear this insult added to injury without any thought of justice, never mind mercy, for them.

But, this is all old history. At least since the Protestant Revolution it has been in vogue to violently and illegally dispossess, torture and kill--exterminate--Christian aristocracy in every land (Catholic or Orthodox) and the whole world applauds and supports the effort. But those crimes and the countless atrocities of the Leftist Communists are whitewashed, ignored or even praised. This is one more chapter in that book of the history written by the victors of a war lost long ago by the Church (beginning on Calvary!).

Our consolation is that Christ is the Lord and his mercy, not violence, rules the world (cf. Nine Days that Changed the World). We will complain against our enemies and demand retribution all the while knowing that the justice of this world needs the mercy of Christ.

If Chile's Pinochet Is A Torturer Then What Of Cuba's Castro?

...Cuba's Fidel Castro [is a brutalizer]. But the only criminal being pursued is one Augusto Pinochet, the 82-year-old general who ran Chile with an iron fist for 17 years.
Pinochet lies in a London clinic, recovering from back surgery and fighting an extradition request from Spain on charges of genocide, torture and terrorism. Castro, meanwhile, roams around freely.
Attending the Ibero-American summit in Portugal during the weekend, Castro basked in the red, Marxist glow of his 40th year as comandante, leader of one of the world's most repressive regimes.
On Tuesday, a Wall Street Journal editorial read my mind. It asked, ``Why not arrest Castro, too?''
If only.
Castro, you see, is the darling of the European left. He can do no wrong, no matter how many Cubans he has ordered killed, no matter how many political prisoners he holds in pens not fit for pigs and, certainly, no matter that in 40 long years he has never sought the people's vote in an island-wide election. Castro's record is atrociously worse than Pinochet's.
No matter. A Spanish magistrate has charged Pinochet under European anti-terrorism laws in the deaths of 94 people, including Spaniards and British nationals who lived in Chile when Pinochet ousted then-President Salvador Allende in 1973. More than 3,000 Chileans were killed, and others disappeared under Pinochet's right-wing dictatorship.
I'm no fan of Pinochet - or of Allende, who was democratically elected (with only 33 percent of the vote) but nonetheless followed Fidel's modus operandi. He confiscated private property, quashed free speech and created his own thought-control police to spy on neighbors and co-workers.
If Pinochet is to pay for the bloodspilled 25 years ago, what of the blood still spilling in Cuba?
What of the Marxist revolts that Castro tried to engineer in the 1970s in Portugal and Angola and his attempts to disrupt Latin America in guerrilla wars?
``I'm not afraid to go anywhere,'' Castro boasted Tuesday while in Merida, Spain.
As to Pinochet's predicament, Castro said, ``From a moral point of view, it's just. From a judicial stance, it's questionable, and from a political point of view, it will create a complicated situation in Chile.''
Not to mention a bad precedent for other dictators - si, comandante Castro?
If Chile - as painful as it must be for many of its citizens - is willing to leave Pinochet to his own demons, why is Spain intervening, particularly when Spain's democratic government never pursued those who committed atrocities under Gen. Francisco Franco?
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