Tuesday, December 30, 2014

De Auctoritate and Why I Love Blogs

Why is it that men depend so much upon "experts" (e.g. Fox, MSNBC) in their investigation of the simplest human affairs, while for knowledge of the highest supernatural questions they rely simply upon their own wit?

Contempt for bloggers is unreasonable if you think that any Tom, Dick and Harry can infallibly interpret the Word of God.

Sola scriptura and sola fide really mean you are the only and the highest expert. That is an untenable position. You will never know the Truth by yourself. It must be corroborated! You need the Church to assure you that you have Christ!

If you can depend on your own lights to judge the things of God, it should be nothing for you to judge the affairs of men without any further experts.

As for myself. I will primarily depend upon the Magisterium of the Catholic Church and the God-guided Pope for the things of God, and with that sure Light from God I will fearlessly seek the truth of men considering the soundness of the arguments and the proofs, regardless of the source, always checking it against the truth revealed by God. As much as possible, in the affairs of men, avoid authorities! Search for the truth everywhere! In matters of opinion I want to hear all the opinions insofar as it is reasonably possible.

I want to know the truth, even if it's anonymous. Because, ultimately, the Truth is a Person: Jesus Christ. The truth is always a work of the Holy Spirit! Insofar as you have the Truth you have God.

And the ultimate Truth is Him with you: God is love. He gives Himself to you when you know Him. And then you become an authority because He is with you, you being with Him. That is what Catholics mean by the Communion of Saints. Those who are closest to God share in His attributes. You can tell a man by his friends. If God is with you than you become like God.
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