Thursday, December 11, 2014

Michael Voris Johnny Come Lately

It seems to me that the rhetoric of "The Vortex" is a bit late on the scene of orthodoxy: forty years late, to be exact!

He's doing what Mother Angelica, Saint Pope John Paul II and Ratzinger did masterfully and uniquely as voices in the wilderness, and now Voris is doing as if it were novel or necessary.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of "vortexes" (solid Catholic commentary on contemporary faith) in today's Catholic world, so it seems to me that Michael Voris should give it up and do something more meaningful with his life; honestly not sure what that is. Meanwhile, he makes a ridiculous spectacle of himself in his pioneering delusion.

Perhaps honest optimism would be part of the corrective rubric.

No offense intended, just my humble opinion.
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