Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Modern Heresies

18th Century: Heresy of Reason
19th Century: Heresy of the Machine/Matter
20th Century: Heresy of Freedom
21st Century: Heresy of the Body

Reason, Industry, Individualism and the cult of the Flesh have each in turn become the predominant and iconic idol of the modern world, the object of worship to the rejection of God.

And each in turn becomes distorted when worshiped (vice is in excess): reason becomes irrational, industry sacrifices humanity, unbridled freedom produces wholesale slaughter, and the heresy of the body disfigures, violates and mutilates the body and denies it's distinctive humanity and gender.

We are indeed in an age of idol worship, and the most telling sign is that we do not even notice it! We are in denial; as we go to the devil and despise Jesus Christ and His Church, preferring money, fame, pleasure and just simple comfort to the will of God.
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